Pondering about experts in deception

One of the least noble, in my opinion, yet popularly admired traits among some folks, is that those who are "masters of deceit" or experts in deception as part of their professions, whether they work for the good guys or for the bad guys, use a technique for their deceptions that involves careful advance setup of someone in particular to take the blame for the capers of the master of deception.

This fits with the previously blog-explored interaction between those who are bullies, and those social dimwits called Aspergers or Aspies, who tend to take a long time to figure out what socially is going on, and thus are unlikely to catch on to the the master of deception's monkeybusiness. Looking back, I can see where several different guys must have spent lots of advance planning and arranging small events, to set me up as the fall guy, to cover up their capers; and thus I have long noticed at times, that I seem to have a bad reputation and some seem to think I have done some nasties and even am dangerous; in the bigger picture, this is probably keeping the investigators off track and thus the masters of deception freely continuing doing their stuff unobserved.

So the masters of deception use that technique to conceal what they are doing, which apparently would otherwise get them into big trouble, and they also apparently have the nature of being bullies, and as part of that they strive for a high profile of public esteem - which also tends to get people to look elsewhere for who to blame - and some level of obedience to them, which apparently is the point of it all, to expand their reproduction opportunities in the long term big picture's goings on. The naive nature of Asperger's makes them easily tricked into some level of involvement with the masters of deception unwittingly, part of the games ongoing, thus becoming the "fall guy" or "get left holding the bag." And, thus overall part of the drama that lots of people crave to spice up their lives.

I think it is quite a waste of human potential to otherwise be harmoniously constructive. Yet looking back it has cost me some of my best opportunities in life, by its getting others to consider me untrustworthy. It is hard enough to accomplish things in life being an Aspergers social dimwit, without having to endure that too.

So what is this thing called "deception," I wonder to myself. Well, deception, I have read, is part of the instincts of the R-Complex, the part of the brain that runs our physical self. Camouflage in nature, such as the big cats' tiger stripes and leopard spots make them blend deceptively into the environment, enabling them to more easily sneak up on their prey; card players conceal the cards they have been dealt, so as to deceive the other players from guessing what the other players cards are, all part of the card games. It is often part of "winning" by causing the others to "lose."

Probably I could have been taught to do some of that too, but that was not part of my life path; and anyway as an Aspergers naive social dimwit, I probably would have been quite poor at that kind of thing, being relatively unable to comprehend the social games ongoing. Maybe card games I could have been able to do, however; up through High School, I could play chess fairly well, for example. Part of maturity is to embrace all aspects of life, so this is one thing I need to work more on, re that embracing. But, I have got lots of far more interesting things yet to embrace - and yet totally ignoring the antics of the "masters of deception" of past and present, is not very wise to do, wasteful or not.

Bullies seem to be angered by Asperger's men saying they are "too smart for their own good" but now I realize that part of this may be fear of Aspergers as them "knowing something the bully does not know" which is also part of deception games by hiding knowledge from others, to gain advantage over them; I had previously thought the resentment of Aspergers by bullies as being only caused of fear that the Asperger's would betray the bully's capers, either inadvertently or deliberately. Thus, spending lots of effort to set up some Asperger to be the apparent doer of the wrongs the bully is planning to do, not only gets investigators off track, but when the wrath of society - mistakenly - falls on the Asperger, the bully has thus eliminated him as a risk of inadvertent betrayal of the bully, too. This all fits together to me, at least for the moment.

Today is city trash pickup day here, so the theme of this post fits well with the day. Now, on to more interesting and constructive things to do. Maybe with a bit more of an eye for noticing "leopard spots" lurking in the world, however, at the same time; hopefully I can still learn a bit about even those very complicated things.

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