Hands-on career work for an Idealist visionary

Some of my electronics career involved being stuffed into some org chart slot in a corporation. I endured it to get a paycheck to pay my bills. But not being able to see the big picture of my involvement was a bit unsettling.

I was an Idealist visionary psychetype that had to make a living making technical things work hands-on in the physical world.

It gave me an unusual perspective. Smart employers quickly put me in a position where I would solve the unusual technical problems.

The Idealist visionary part of me found an outlet in some of my hobbies, including in recent several decades the design of space access and utilization concepts.

The frustration was that others would not engage with me as peers about my concepts. My credibility as a peer did not match their criteria of their high academic degree accomplishments and their well-paid corporate employments; while I was a disdained college dropout and employed as a mere electronics technician, sometimes out begging for a job. Apparently concept achievements do not speak for themselves to most people, probably because they tend to be out of the box of their familiarity, and that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Yesterday I explored making a short eleven-minute video about that, and is available on U-Tube now:

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