Growing biofuel feedstock instead of lawn

Reading the article "Could the Northwest be the Saudi Arabia of aviation biofuels?" By AUBREY COHEN, this evening, a thought suddenly occurred to me.

I have a lawn that is watered at my cost of over a hundred dollars each summer, and serves only to maintain proper appearance for the neighborhood. Perhaps the same yard area could be used to harvest sunlight by growing useful biofuel feedstock, instead?

Small area compared to the huge areas watered by the wheat farmers of the area, true. Yet, surely some appropriate biofuel feedstock could be tended by me and at my expense of watering, instead of lawn care and dandelion battle, and receive some payment for the resulting biofuel feedstock as a result? Perhaps even traded for a comparable portion of biofuel to run my car, if fuel supplies get tight, making the difference between not driving it at all, vs driving it at least a few tens of miles at special times.

I can even envision a small local biofuel refinery plant here in this desert town of Ephrata WA, where it would be efficient to transport my yard's biofuel feedstock harvests every couple of summer weeks for refining.

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