Another grump and proposal of how to fix things

Reading an online news article about subjects lots of us have long pondered, I felt I just had to do a blog post. Probably assisted by the 1-oz ethanol in beverage that I allow myself per 24 hours, this evening. And the odd feeling at the distant gunshot-like "firecrackers" tonight long after 4th July over, giving the feeling like a pile of poop found in the yard.

Afghanistan, Iraq, religious wars, oil wars, baby boomers retiring and entitlements, and joblessness. National debt racking up, something radical happened after the Clinton administration got replaced. Sure, the other team was up to bat, fair play, and they had a new theory of economics to try, with the noble name of "free enterprise." To me what happened was an immense shell game; but, to my Aspergers social dimwit struggles, nothing very new about that. Still, part of me tries to make sense of it all; and even dares to think of ways to deal with the problem, even knowing from past experience that my ideas are as welcome as a mouse squeek in the land of big pompous players.

Today I again ran across a website that invited ideas for solutions. Limited to 400 characters input field. To vanish into a horde of more familiar ads. So once again I input a compressed version of my idea for putting Americans back to work, even part time from their homes, but not waiting for businesses to make the jobs conventionally.

The idea would enable all the unemployed and underemployed, but more importantly, the retired and handicapped to join in the productivity expansion of the American economy, and do it in the near future, with little cost to the nation.

But it is going to get ignored just as all the years I have been shouting it (squeek) since it is not touting the conventional business way of doing things, enabling an elite to get wealthy by doing the business game with people's lives, as usual. But even such modes would benefit eventually as they get their act together, of course.

So here is what I wrote, in my 400 characters allowed to propose a nation-saving concept:

Title: "Distributed manufacturing from homes to increase skills"

"Distribute the manufacturing of components for medium sized products, done using home-sited tooling that is connected by internet among home computers. This would enable engineering to be exercised by designing those plug-in tooling sets, provide home education on the tooling usage, to get people quickly working part time from home making lower cost products to compete in the worldwide market."

To compress it down to such few characters, I had to delete such benefit descriptions such as it would maintain or increase American worker skills, keep the baby boomers somewhat productive and contributing to the GDP fairly easily, and stimulate the package transportation industry. Make major reductions in commuter costs including time wasted and fuel burned.

But it does not fit well into the model that most of the managers and enterprising business people have been taught of how to do things.

And my email is sprinkled with scam artists pretending to do the idea with no comprehension of what it is about, but skilled at making false impressions, manipulating things by giving it all a bad name.

Well, there is the grouch, the proposed solution, and another dismal grump. Time to press the "post' button and walk away from it. Experience shows it will not be seen by others anyway.

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