Academic status thoughts

Doing my best to communicate the concepts I have worked so hard to create during my lifetime, I have found that mostly there is disdain and resentment as response, but rarely any actual attempt to discredit what I have pointed out as possibilities. I attribute that mostly to their fears of my concepts becoming rival businesses to their own bread-and-butter businesses that are their life investments, understandable.

And I think there sometimes is an academic resentment factor too, in response to some of my leading-edge concepts and experiment findings. Like, how dare a mere technician, a miserable college dropout, claim he knows something better than us duly degreed folks do?

Probably lots of people endured the whole college routine solely to be able to get better jobs and be proclaimed "better than" those who did not do - and finish - the college education struggle. Thus, when a non-degreed person looks like he is "showing them up," it is taken as an attack on the very fabric of their plush life status, an effort based on getting a degree.

My own five-year-long effort to get a college degree, at least got me to focus on sudden personal health issues including severe tinnitus and attention deficit disorder starting in my Freshman year and still ongoing, and the change from my High School easy reading a book a day in addition to my studies and graduating with four majors - Science, Math, English, and Social Studies - to suddenly being unable to remember the page I had just read - it made college very hard for me, and with low finances anyway, and no girlfriend, I finally dropped out of college; but, I do indeed know of college struggle, moreso than most, I think. Fortunately, not all my earlier high mental skills were unrecoverable, and so I still can do some quite interesting things - it just takes a lot more effort and time to do.

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