A criteria changes from price to usefulness points out that "those jobs may not be coming back soon" and sees the trend that top managers will make more money than ever, while the middle class works longer for less money, and lots of people are out of the working class, that seek jobs.

Since a country's greatest resource potentially is its human resources - we are incredible creatures indeed - that suggests that there is great opportunity opening up in America: lots of under-employed and lots of job seekers that are totally unemployed. The CEOs, the managers of our economy, are focused on making themselves big bucks without supporting the American work environment, off in another world.

An unusual scenario, one we have not faced before. Those top managers who could be reviving the productivity of America are busy playing profit games in other countries. Nobody is minding the store.

That leaves lots of American human resources very available. They could be focused on adding value, utility value-added. Not price-added due to scarcity, artificial or natural. But utility value added. All we have to do is identify what adds any value to anything; utility value, that is. Making things more useful to do more things than they did before.

And so a criteria changes from price to usefulness. What we can do with things, is their usefulness. And the more we can do, the more we will do. And that becomes GDP increase.

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