Does God entertain Himself by watching our human Nut&Bully Soap Operas

A thought-provoking email chat currently ongoing with a friend, has got me to put some words to some possibly significant ideas. So here is one of them.

Perhaps God entertains Himself by watching the Nut&Bully Soap Operas we humans too often do. Although if one takes the view that God is the maker of all things, then of course that means God makes those Soaps too. I sometimes think that our Nut&Bully Soap Operas typically spring from the ancient archetype of two horned mammal bulls fighting to the death over exclusive reproduction rights to the two females, instead of each having one female and living in a mutually supportive peace. (In that case, survival and reproduction is based on which is most able to damage or destroy his own kind, instead of which is best able to protect and provide for progeny's wellbeing. And, generally, the females either don't care about the bullying about who gets to be their mate, or they have no way to stop the conflicts, if they do care.)

I think God is very busy and mostly is watching to see what kinds of things His various - very complicated - creations out of Mother Earth actually do.

Like my electronic wellbeing experimentation instruments, I design and build them with what materials are available best I can at the moment, but then I have to actually test them to see what the instruments actually do, in themselves and to the larger world, including myself. Usually I then have to make some changes to the design and construction of the instruments to better do what I had intended them to do; and then again see what they actually do. Some things are just not worth trying to fix, as my 2005 design breadboard instrument was; my 2011 design works perfectly and I had learned what does not work by having built and tested the earlier design.

In the God-and-people-design-experiment case, sometimes the good instruments are damaged or killed off by the bad instruments, but that is part of the finding out what the creations actually do. If the remains cannot be fixed with what is on hand, the destructive design just gets put in the dark shelf and eventually discarded in some spring cleaning. Have you not ever built something just to be amused by seeing what it will actually do? Out of curiosity to see what it will actually do?

My email friend just responded by saying that at age four the bullies are lovable anyway, cute. The daily newspapers provide the ongoing horror stories; but the comics provide humor. And that yes, she makes things all the time. She thought my reply was too serious.



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