More on the Clark-zapper personal research results

I have realized that my previous post here, would no doubt get some flak, focused on the Clark-zapper usage results I pointed out. This seems a major sore point with a lot of people, long a puzzle to me. "Not scientific" yet the Scientific Method requires that something be adequately evaluated before making a decision about it, and they have done no such evaluation. "Quackery, snake oil" is another instant proclamation, with some more polite calling it "Placebo Effect." I wonder, what causes all this.

I'm willing to label my Clark-zapper and Rife instrument experiments as my "placebo effect hypochrondriac's toolkit" if that would placate them, but I doubt that it would. There seems to be a general almost fanatical need to proclaim anything, that does not come out of the licensed medical system's expensive hands, as false.

Meantime when I hear of someone suffering and even dying when it is possible that the use of the Clark-zapper tools could have helped them and very inexpensively, all I'm permitted to do is give a sigh of sadness at it all.

I have written often in this blog and elsewhere of my own cautious exploration of the Clark-zapper technology, initially as a hobby yet from the viewpoint of a career as an electronics engineering technician, a person very committed to making very accurate evaluations, seeking solutions, and finding out what really works.

The zapper experiments started about fifteen years ago. I was exploring herbal resources to stay in best health, when I stumbled upon the books by the biophysicist researcher Hulda R Clark, PhD, in which there were a few electronic circuits she recommended the reader build for themself. The "Zapper" circuit was simple, a common one, yet with a quite unusual usage. The author claimed that using its 9 volt pulsed DC 30 KHz signal, applied through copper tubing handholds covered with a layer of wet paper towel, held for seven minutes, three times that were twenty minutes apart - that was one "zap" - significant health improvements would result. This was in the front of a very thick book, full of complex medical data she had accumulated in her research, and not very entertainingly written. But how to build an electronic Zapper was something more in my skill set. Some friend told me that it would kill me, its current going from hand to hand would go through the heart; but over my decades of electronics work both as a hobby and at work, signals went between my hands that were larger than that and had no effect. Even a car battery has more voltage and power by far than that, and people do not collapse after contacting car battery voltages; otherwise, the auto repair industry would be very short-handed, with mechanic's coffins standard equipment in repair shops. I resolved to do a safety test of the Clark-zapper, doing it daily for a year, constantly evaluating my state of health and if I ever got to feeling a bit worse I would stop the experiment and consider the data.

I have written too often about my amazement at my experiences clearly resulting from my experimental usage of the zapper, back then and continuing nowadays. Three decades of sinus infection spontaneously clearing up within two weeks - not always so great due to the newly exposed long-wounded sinus cavities suddenly being assaulted by dust, pollen, and a huge variety of odors such as from vehicles I was driving behind. The vanishing of a minimal layer of bronchitis I had carried at the base of my lungs since childhood. Significant reduction in my chronic sub-clinical depression at the divorce by my former wife - although the lack of a woman as my mate was not helped, at least i no longer constantly went around in mental circles about it. The rapid healing of wounds, one even life-threatening and I happened to have a car-useable zapper at hand, and resulted in an amazing healing of a huge filthy wound in the back of my hand, that sealed up within three days and in a week had little trace of a scar - that really got my attention, my inner skeptic puzzling over any possible other explanation. The lack of need to take sick leave from work during the usual cold and flu seasons, year after year, saving my employers money too. Best of all was the not having to feel miserably sick for days at a time, typically before a couple times each winter, just as my co-workers still experienced - but I no longer did. And, I found commercial instruments and knowledge bases through the internet, that had greatly expanded the usefulness of the Clark and Rife technologies, some specifically targeting some parasite, others enabling balancing and stimulation of specific physiological systems. Quite interesting stuff. I was able to buy some of these more complex equipments, and found them even more useful than the basic Clark-zapper, at times. Such as a signal set for "Headaches" that I found would clear up my memory problems for days at a time, a very nice gift for an old man.

Yet some part of me remained a skeptic. How could such a simple thing achieve some things that the conventional medical profession had not achieved, I reasoned.

Yet, if it was a placebo effect, it was an excellent one. I'd take it.

Besides, the electronic zapper gadgetry was something I could comprehend fully, and even build my own. Even explore some small possible improvements, which generally worked well, such as an indicator that showed how well the complete handhold circuit was conducting - otherwise, one does not have any indication of anything happening, since the 30 KHz 9 volt chopped-DC pulse train signal is not felt by the hands.

It ought to be something available in every household medicine cabinet, just as Dr Clark had envisioned.

It also ought to be in every medical office and hospital, I thought. Surly it could enable more rapid healing at those health establishments too, just like it did at home. But, it was not available to doctors and hospitals. The very mention of it got angry looks and clever accusations. And when honesty got around to happening, it was pointed out that there was no money in it. No doubt were I in their shoes, being threatened with malpractice suits and having my medical license revoked, would make me tow the line, too, stick to the "accepted" protocols, don't rock the boat.

But what about the patients, the customers, did they not deserve the full range of health recovery options, including the things the Clark-zapper type technology could do, as I had found personally? Clearly not so.

And I had read the stories of what happened when an earlier R R Rife technology that in some ways were similar to the Clark-zapper technology, were scientifically evaluated and found superior to conventional medicine in some terminal cancer cases: the researcher was killed by poison just before making the official announcements at USC Medical Center. It was clear that it was very dangerous to explore such health options, challenging the powerful medical community's immense business system. Dr Rife himself was imprisoned and his lab and equipment destroyed, ruining his life, back in the 1950's in the San Diego area. It was clear that health results did not count, when it threatened the business interests of the establishment.

There is a huge medical-related business system going. Lots of money being made, careers committed, expensive education to be paid off, health insurance business system also providing income to lots of people, new yachts to be paid for. What if suddenly people did not get sick nearly as often anymore, except when seriously injured such as in a car accident or appendicitis? Think of all the layoffs especially in the incredibly wealthy and powerful pill making industry. And besides, there is a lot of drama about it all, and people seem addicted to drama. So my naive suggestions to have widespread adoption of the Clark-zapper in homes and hospitals, got treated as if I were threatening the practitioner's very livelihoods and reputations, ruining their lives, even erasing the drama; how dare I do such a thing?

Having been through several layoffs typical in the electronics industry, I well knew the severe difficulties when being out of work and going begging for a new job of almost any kind. So I sort of understand. Been there, done that, and I still tense up at the mere memory of it.

Yet, I feel sorry for those needlessly suffering from sickness, some even dying when possibly not necessarily doing so then. Think of the wounded in the battlefield that could be spared, so easily and cheaply, sometimes on the spot by the soldier himself. And so I content myself with pounding out this blog post that probably will get stonewalled from public discovery, like some of my other establishment-threatening-perceived posts have been.

And I feel very thankful that my life these recent 15 years of Clark-zapper technology experimentation have been so much healthier than preceding years were - and now at age 74 good health is probably an especially welcome thing. Yet I also sense that there are some very angry folks watching for a chance to discredit me, most likely quite painfully.

But, it is the responsibility of the older folks to at least attempt to pass on their hard-won wisdom they have acquired in their life. And so this blog post is part of my fulfillment of that responsibility.

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