If America's medical system was made entirely non-profit

I wonder what would happen if America's medical system was entirely made into "non-profit" category goods and services. No more motive of gaining wealth off of the sick and needy. I think there would be lots healthier people and far less cost for health maintenance.

And, if I were to mention this publicly, what fury would descend on me, I wonder. (Have read lots of stories about the "accidents" in the medical system that disposed of those who were showing that some alternative was working where conventional medicine had dismally failed. Educated experts do not like being shown up, any more than other people do.)

And yes, modern medicine has produced lots of modern miracles. They are competent at what they do: great chemists making pharmaceuticals of extreme complexity; surgeons with steady hand and eye, skilled at excising what seems to be the correct thing, in there among the complex wiggly body parts.

Yet what they are not so competent at is keeping people well and in top notch shape, simply just to make that happen for everybody. A different kind of goal.

Too much of what goes on in the system appears to be control issues, territory protection instead of better products and services, and above all chasing after medical systems that make the most profit among the alternatives, for the investors, instead of chasing after the most effective goods and services, when there are choices.

It is perhaps fitting that those investors are then stuck with the less-than-could-have-been medical system availability to them, wealthy or not.

Well, I make lots of mistakes too, both from lack of full comprehension, or of mischief by the "inner saboteur."

Yet from outside the system, I can still contemplate what would happen if America's medical system was entirely made into "non-profit" category goods and services. Lots better health for the nation, when it is health that is what gets rewarded.

But the real situation is that sickness services are tremendously big business at present; and there are political techniques to prevent change away from that - I recall seeing a recent cartoon that pointed at that kind of thing, where someone was going around screaming "socialist! socialist!" at anything that would focus on getting the job done instead of focusing on business profit game playing. And in other ways, am not skilled at predicting what people would do; the medical system might just pack up and move to some other country, for example.

It is not easy to change one's ways. And without a strong enough reason to change, it won't happen. Apparently, living a life of good health mostly self-guided, is not generally a strong enough reason for lots of people.

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