Black turtleneck sweater time

"Steve Jobs 1955-2011" reads the online news items. For someone I never met - that I know of - Steve sure made a big difference in my life.

That year 1955, when he was born, was also a major year in my life: My freshman year in college, and the year that somehow I changed from being a young man who got high grades with no interest in good grades, and read at 750 WPM with comprehension, to a young man who had extreme tinnitus endless screeching in the ears, ADD and could not remember what was on the page he had just read. What a situation.

So the time span of Steve Job's life covers the same time span as my own struggles to cope with that new scenario in my life. He sure had his struggles too; he did lots better than I did.

There in my early efforts in college I recall one of my wishes, that someone would build a "teaching machine," modeled after the reports I had read of books that were written with statements to be learned, immediately followed by the reader to respond to a question about the item just read. If the answer was not correct, the lesson was repeated, until the student got it right. There would be no exams without 100% learned, upon testing. Everyone would be an "A" student. Period. Nothing falling through the cracks.

I think Steve Jobs got that "teaching machine" built. It sits in front of me, called an Apple MacBook computer. Except no one has programmed it to do that simple read-answer, read-answer, instruction program on it.

I read that Steve Jobs was buried today.

He seemed to be a competitive-natured Aspey. Along with another one, Bill Gates. Quite a game. It seems to show me that an Aspey can have a competitive nature. Unlike me.

Apparently associated with being a achiever.

Steve is said to have dreamed of creating a computer where people could be creative upon it. I think I demonstrated that a bit today; affirming he achieved his dream of that.

Today I finally got my 2010 novel on the way. CreateSpace is now sending me a proof copy of the paperback version; and Smashwords seems to have initially approved my eBook version today too. I did not struggle to make a linked table of contents this time as it would have taken another day and that effort seems to be associated with epub rejections later. "Three Species on Lava World" is its title. You can read half of it there for free. The cover came from a photo of the camping trip in 2009 to Mt St Helens, nearest thing to a volcano that I had a personal photo of.

The "graphical interface" that Steve's Apple Computer spread to the masses, made this book's creation possible for me to make. If I had to struggle with a DOS command line while writing on some machine owned by IBM that I had to stand in line somewhere for hours to use for a brief time - which would likely be the situation without Steve Jobs & Company - it just would not have happened, way too much struggle, distracting things.

Today I ordered online a black turtleneck sweater, like Steve Jobs seemed to wear a lot. Wearing black, in the "holistic" viewpoint, both blocks "negativity" hostility sent from others, but also unfortunately cuts down on one's own life energy. So it seems to me that probably wearing such attire would be best only during brief times, when one had to achieve, in a situation where hostiles might be poo-poo-ing you, yet you have to get the job done. I wonder if Steve wore such shirt too much of the time, reducing his life energy way too much, eventually cutting his life short. Yet at times it might be important to one's success, while enduring a peanut-gallery rivalistic arena, where creative harmony is all that is really appropriate to achieving the task at hand.

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