America doing the Dysfunctional Family number

Even the nation itself, at least in the ongoing spats among our nation's directors, seems to me to be doing the Dysfunctional Family number.

Figuring out why that is going on, might well help us in the future.

(You know the old saying about those who don't learn from their mistakes, get to repeat them until they do?)

Figuring out just how to figure that out, seems like a necessary first step, too. It is that difficult.

And that technique needs to be unbiased, accurate, and insightful, to be useful. Perhaps proposed techniques could be evaluated for functionality along each of those three parameters.


In retrospect, that probably sounded like inviting a big finger-pointing contest - fingers pointing away from themselves. "You dunnit!" kind of stuff. Same old Dysfunctional Family kind of stuff. Useless. Purpose is just for those who are meanest and loudest to get bigger pieces of the apple pie. Hopefully we have matured more than that at this time.

Actually, what I was thinking about was more abstract. Some kind of computer program or several of them combined. Input data running through the three filters "unbiased", "accurate" and "insightful" on the way to being integrated into the whole pattern being assembled.

Puzzling more over how this might be done, I have found some of the Mind Mapping software helpful in putting together more things than my mind can handle by itself at any one time. Much like typing in a word processor, thoughts can be initially put down in approximate order, then go back and fix typos and add and subtract and fill in, getting it to look more and more like what the probable overall pattern will be like. (An example can be found on my page about a book I plan to write someday.)

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