Proposing a government agency to evaluate efficacy of all types of potential health protocols

At a time when the nation's politicians are doing their sport games with the nation's budget, the subject of this blog post is likely to be seen as out of step with ongoing events, by proposing yet another government agency. Yet when there is a basic need for the American people that has not voluntarily been provided by the business or academic system, it seems up to the government to provide the function. Or provided by some new civic organization, but government is more likely to have the financial resources and the overall responsibility so as to guarantee unbiased activity, as well as the power to deal with what most assuredly would be attacked by existing powerful associations considering it is their territory that is being invaded.

And yes, this is another post which seems to risk lots of irritation at the blogger, like many of my posts. But am old enough to consider it is my responsibility to enable a better future, based on the wisdom I have acquired in my areas of some expertise and experience during my lifetime.

There is something called the "Consumer Protection Agency" I think, but it does not seem to have the same function as what I am proposing here. The intent is not to provide consumer protection, but instead to evaluate and make public the results; the evaluation needs to be done without bias and with fully competent means. The fully competent means may seem difficult since the folks and instrumentation may currently exist only in the hands of corporations or scientific interests which is influenced by grants from entities solely motivated by maximizing monetary returns, instead of the best interests of the customer base.

The government agency I am suggesting be created and adequately utilized, would be to evaluate efficacy of protocols and instrumentation, without regard to integration with other data bases. In the primary focus of this efficacy evaluation agency, the most pressing current need seems to be to evaluate protocols for all aspects of human and animal health, because of the enormous financial burden of the existing health system in America, that costs so much yet provides much poorer results than does many other countries health systems.

Such an agency would no doubt be resented by special interests in the subject arena, that of human and animal health, in all the aspects of health, physical, emotional, mental, and perhaps even spiritual, given the development of means to measure that latter parameter.

The subject proposed agency would not only provide data as to what works better than what else, it would also be required to evaluate all means for achieving efficacy in human and animal health, not just those which are considered commercially viable and not interfering with existing highly profitable modes of providing aspects of human and animal health.

As an example of what would be involved, let me take on something of which I have explored personally, and thus I know from both information from others as well as my own experiences doing hobby research. It involves a field that historically has been highly resented by competing fields of business, which often has tricked law enforcement agencies to harass the rival protocol providers. In this case it involves protocols which include small very low powered electrical devices, that appear quite efficacious in maintaining human animal physical health, and sometimes also healing, through concurrent improvements in emotional and mental wellbeing, through removal of physical injurious happenings such as from parasites invading and residing in the body.

So this would have the proposed hypothetical agency evaluate the efficacy of the protocols of various means for clearing out a variety of parasites from human and animal bodies, and in some instances also from nutritional sources, and other beneficial effects on the human and animal physiologies, by means involving, at least in part, those low powered inexpensive instruments, user applied with or without medical supervision, for the purpose of improving one's own health and enabling the same for other people and animals including one's pets and livestock.

Such efficacy evaluation would be done disregarding the background of interference by the commercial interests well established in that field, particularly pharmaceutical business interests and no doubt medical personnel that have been involved in disrupting the potential "rival" means for providing human health.

How well does it work as claimed, and in what systems and circumstances, would be the data provided by the proposed, hypothetical, governmental agency. Again, I suggest it be a governmental agency, as the electoral process is more likely to get the entire population to be involved in its establishment and overseeing its functionality, and thus not quite so subject to be influenced by powerful business interests - although of course at present time the nation is experiencing lots of manipulation by powerful self-serving business interests, so even government is not a guaranteed way of maintaining unbiased competent conduct of the proposed agency; but at this point the democratic system still seems the best alternative to me.

The efficacy of the customer-utilized health-enhancing protocols and associated instrumentation would be evaluated by means designed to truly evaluate efficacy of health enhancements. Medical professionals ought to be able to advise the customers in regard to these protocols, but currently does not do so; and in fact, due to the demands for use of "approved" protocols in medical practice, cannot do so without risk of being condemned by the medical and/or dental associations.

Efficacy of existing medical protocols seems also ripe for the attention of the efficacy-evaluating government agency, particularly implied by various reports that a large percentage of existing medical standard protocols have not been evaluated for efficacy in general and not even by "scientific" evaluation. "Standard practice" is not necessarily a guarantee of efficacy, nor even, in some cases, customer safety. But that is all a different aspect of human and animal health than that which I explore in this blog post.

Inexpensive electronic devices that are customer-built or purchased from commercial manufacturers, and utilized outside of the control of the medical system (although surely ought to eventually be welcomed into usage by the conventional medical system in their facilities, to the benefit of their patients where appropriate) are well past due to be evaluated by unbiased and fully competent - and I mean really competent, and that does not mean approved by the established professional interest establishments. Significant embarrassment potential is foreseen by the established professional and business interest folks, due to the history of hazing that has been endured by researchers in this field of health by individuals of all levels of expertise, ongoing since at least the mid 1950's here in America. Two major researchers and knowledge-contributors in this field are Royal Rife and Hulda Clark, PhD. who independently found efficacy of small electrical very specific signals on improving human health, and their work has been duplicated by huge numbers of people despite the suppression by the business-influenced authorities, over the past 60 years or so, and the protocols have, despite that suppression, been able to extend around the world. The internet has been a place of freedom of this information to a large extent, although in at least one instance the FTC was used to try to block spread of the knowledge and instrumentation by Americans, but had to back off when their contentions that the instruments and protocols did not work, was refuted by an overwhelming response by those who had actually utilized the instruments and protocols that it indeed had worked quite well for themselves. The FTC then settled for just requiring that the providers of the associated health-enhancing instruments, could not provide instructions for using those instruments to improve the customer's health, thus making it very hard for people to discover and utilize the instruments to economically assist their health.

That restriction would be removed, I believe, as an early result of the unbiased evaluation of the efficacy of the protocols and associated instruments, as utilized outside of the medical business's control.

The proposed government efficacy-evaluating agency would not have the responsibility for enforcing change, but only to provide data as to efficacy, possibly including comparison with the efficacy of "professionally accepted" protocols associated with some particular affliction.

As an example, I personally have observed an effect that seems only attributable by the usage of one such instrument (that largely exists outside of the control of the established medical business-controlled medical system in America) which was named unimpressively by its inventor, Hulda Clark, PhD, as the "Zapper", since she likened it to the bug zapper that can be found in summer backyards that zap bugs that fly into its rather high voltage and are destroyed that way; she saw her device as also destroying a variety of "bugs" internal to the body, thus enhancing the body's ability to restore health. My observation was through quite accidental discovery (as also were many of Clark's innovative discoveries) and it took me years before I realized what was happening and why. So let me describe what happened.

I worked for a small car alarm manufacturer called VSE in California, circa 1986 to 1996, a company which did not provide health insurance to its employees, and paid low wages to its employees. Yet it did provide employment for myself and others who were fringe people yet were quite competent in electronics. By "fringe people" I mean that some co-wrkers were Vietnamese "boat people" who had barely escaped at the end of the Vietnam war, and were highly competent as electronic technicians, yet not mainstream employees; my handicaps were that I was quite a bit older than the typical electronics technician, and furthermore had previously climbed in the field to being promoted to the position of Electronics Design/Development Electronics Engineer in disk drive R&D, due to my demonstrated expertise by my then employer, the Shugart Corporation, and when overseas competition caused the company to abandon the flexible disk drive field and lay off those employees including me, no one would hire me because I had previously been an Electronics Engineer without a degree, and personnel offices automatically rejected my applications to work as an electronics technician, claiming I would not be happy as a technician since I had been promoted to the position of engineer previously - I think there was also some resentment by degreed office personnel to the possibility that a non-degreed person could get a job normally held by degreed folks, too. I got the job at VSE because the hiring manager was very astute, having to evaluate "fringe" technical experts - such as the aforementioned boat-people from Vietnam - and he did not ask to see my resume, but only had me take a written test on electronics - which he said I had gotten the highest score of any applicant - and then gave me a physical knowledge test, and then told me to show up for work the following Monday, and so I had a job finally, after over a year of being out of work, quite financially desperate by then. Anyway, here I was working at a third of my former pay and without health insurance, but very grateful for paid work, and ultimately stayed with VSE until it laid off the manufacturing related employees. Anyway, about in the middle of that employment span, I was ever exploring ways to live reasonably healthy despite the lack of conventional insured health systems; and being of a scientific bent all my life, I explored the field of use of herbal remedies. I was already of generally stable health, too. When I stumbled upon Hulda Clark's book describing her accidental discovery of the "Zapper" device and her lengthly evaluation of what it could do to enhance health in many ways, I was quite curious about the device, claiming to be able to help one's health maintenance, yet the circuit was not mysterious at all and was very simple. I could not see how such a thing could help one's health, but since some people told me that it would kill me because the current would go through the heart from hand to hand, yet the nine volts it applied was a voltage and signal type that I had experienced many times during my life with no noticed effects at all to me, so I decided to do an experiment to evaluate the device's safety. I would apply the device's signal to myself in the manner described by Clark every day for a year, while continuously monitoring my sense of health; if I ever started to feel less healthy and it seemed possibly related to the experiment, I would stop the experiment, and that would be its evaluation. I was not attempting to evaluate its efficacy in health maintenance, but only its safety. The result was that I completed that year-long experiment on myself with no adverse effects, and had also experienced some very interesting other effects along the way, so I continued the experiment, although not usage every day, but occasionally, from then on to the present time.

And the particular effect that I refer to here is that, to my amazement, after a couple of years, one winter season when my co-workers were getting sick and clearly so at work and finally using some of the scarce sick leave days, missing from work a couple of times each winter, as I had also done with typical colds and flu as they also did, I suddenly realized that I had gone through the winter without being out sick with the usual colds and flu, and in fact thinking back, had not been sick the previous winter nor the one before that. Yet my co-workers had continued to be out sick several days each winter, and sometimes for a day or two other times of the year, and occasionally were clearly not feeling well at work. This time span happened to coincide with the years I had been experimenting on myself with the Clark Zapper technology. Although I had explored other things like herbal remedies as I had been doing before I encountered the Clark Zapper, the only difference in my life was the Zapper usage itself. And this effect continued from then on; I no longer needed to use sick leave for the common aliments of the "cold" and "flu" type, which then saved my employer lots of money too, since I did not need to take the sick leave.

There was an exception many years later while working elsewhere, and the exception followed the discovery by Clark that certain substances could block the Zapper's effectiveness, particularly the banned PolyChlorinated Biphenyls which were still pervasive, Clark reported. I found that kind of thing happened twice to me under identical circumstances during the cold&flu season when i worked with a glue that most likely contained that PCB, and it all well matched what Clark had also found.

There were several other effects that my experiment with the Clark Zapper type technology improved my health, which can be explored later - and I think I have mentioned in posts in the past - but the specific one being pointed out now is that of efficacy in preventing the common colds and flu. Efficacy could be compared with that of the current accepted medical system protocols: lots of people out sick with it every year. Yet in those years, with the above-mentioned two instances on New Year's Day after helping decorate Rose Parade Floats using a specific type glue on my hands - I had not gotten a cold or the flu, nor did I receive a flu shot in those years. There is every reason to consider that the Clark Zapper is highly efficacious in my life for preventing the common colds and flu. If one were to compare with the efficacy of the protocols of the official medical protocols during that same period, it was at best able to provide some symptomatic relief to the sufferers; but the new government agency I propose here would only explore the observable efficacy of the Clark Zapper protocols separate from comparison with the conventional common cold and flu remedies and medical facility visits. The comparison might then, however, be made between the two, by others. The purpose would not be to determine which "brand" works better than the other, but merely to determine the actual efficacy of the protocol. In this case, Americans could still choose the symptomatic relief efficacy of the established medical system, or utilize the Clark Zapper protocols, which have shown far greater efficacy in this regard, per my experiences over many years.

This is but one of the observed efficacies of the use of personally-owned and utilized small signal electrical devices as applied to myself over many years. There are other devices with their own unique characteristics, the need to be evaluated for efficacy in economic health maintenance, both the reduced time off work by employees, but also to reduce the cost of the nation's health system. Other small signal devices include Royal Rife's devices, which generally operate in the far lower frequency of less than a Hertz to about 10 KHz, a frequency range generally called "audio frequencies" but not actually audio, in that it is not propagated by sound, but instead as electrical small signals in the body.

Hulda Clark discovered the Zapper while exploring how to cure cancer, her primary goal of her independent research; and similarly she discovered a device she called the "Zappicator' while seeking ways to improve the health of AIDS-disabled folks, by removing some pathogen eggs from fresh produce. She found that the Zappicator, like the Zapper, had far greater usage than for the original intent; the Zapper was effective with a huge range of maladies, and the Zappicator had pathogen-disabling effects on fresh produce, and a version called the "Tooth Zappicator" was found also to enable teeth to become much more durable, as well as greatly improve the durability of the plastic teeth fillings, in addition to hardening tooth enamel, which to my amazement has worked very well for me too - something probably not appreciated by the dental professionals. (Although I also use two other self-health dental protocols routinely, at age 74 I still have all my teeth and no fillings and have not been to a dentist in a decade.) I also routinely use the Zappicator technology on much of my fresh produce from the store; it is harder to evaluate, yet worth doing as it is easy to do, and my health continues to be better than others in my community in respect to pathogens possibly passed through fresh produce or uncooked foods made of that produce. Fresh salads get quite soggy if cooked, for example; so being able to remove some of pathogen eggs seems worthwhile, especially when rinsing down to do a more complete job of it.

Another indicator I can point out is that of Medicare expenses. I am 74 years old now, and thus have had Medicare that I have paid into for about 8 years; I don't keep track of it but that is more than $60 a month I pay into, so that is roughly $60 x 8 years x 12 months per year, or roughly $6,000 I have paid to Medicare so far. In that time period, I have not been sick enough to need to visit a medical doctor. The only expense Medicare has had to pay for me, out of that $6,000, is about $200 when I had responded to a call by a local Chiropractor who subsequently got me to utilize his services in effort to improve my posture; it was an elective expense, most of which I had to pay separate from Medicare, but Medicare paid around $200 if I understood correctly. The implication here is that if everybody on Medicare would use the Clark Zapper protocols as I have done, the Medicare system would be a huge moneymaker, instead of being a political gripe and a huge financial burden on the country.

The Clark Zapper and similar protocols do not protect from all health hazards, such as broken bones, toxic substances or even bullets. But I am convinced, through my own experiences and that I have read that other people have experienced, would be highly efficacious in providing very economic extra health maintenance for Americans.

The proposed government agency, I would presume, would be able to duplicate my findings. and make the data available to all Americans as well as to medical professionals and their facilities, for their optional usage. In light of the "superbugs" that have become resistant to conventional antibiotics, it seems reasonable to explore the Clark Zapper's - correct - usage in effort to heal those people, at least. Without such optional "approved" health-enhancing protocols, America is stuck waiting for the pharmaceutical industry to develop ever more expensive antibiotics, and die waiting, in many cases. (It would be so very easy to try the Zapper - utilized correctly - to a "superbug" victim, but it is not done since it is not "accepted" medical practice - so how customer-friendly is that kind of system?)

Let me also describe some other potentially signifiant items I personally observed during these years I have experimented with the small signal electronic devices utilizing the Clark Zapper type signals, the Clark Zappicator, and some Rife-type signals, in my own life.

Back when, as I mentioned above, I first learned of the simple Clark Zapper instrument and decided it might be interesting to see what it would do, if anything, circa 1995, I found I was somehow blocked from building my own Zapper; but eventually I stumbled into a booth at a health expo, which sold the first ones, for $200 each. That was a lot of money for me working at low pay at the car alarm company, but I bought one of them anyway, and that was the first one I used for the first couple of months, before I built my own, of better quality than that early instrument. I had to provide my own handholds, too. Handholds, which are the electrodes by which the small electronic signals enter the body from the Zapper electronics, are generally copper tubing of 3/4" diameter and 4" to 5 " long each; that are to be covered with soaking wet paper towel material, and no metal is to contact the skin while power is applied to the handholds. The signal delivered to those wet-paper-covered copper tubing handholds is typically around 30,000 Hz pulsed direct current; it must be the pulsed direct current instead of bipolar signals, to function properly, Hulda Clark accidentally discovered. (In contrast, the Rife-type signals are bipolar voltage signals, in addition to being of far lower frequency than the Clark research utilizes.) The voltage applied to the handholds is usually from a nine volt battery. Thus the applied signal to the body through hand-held electrodes is about a nine volt signal that is pulsed at about 30,000 times a second, and cannot be felt by the person using it, unless applied directly to an open wound, of course, which is not advisable and is not necessary to achieve a strong healing effect anyway, applied inches away from the wound. Anyway, the first week or two that I did the safety test of the Clark Zapper I had purchased for $200 (I soon built another identical circuit Zapper for myself that was constructed far better, at a cost of about $8, note, since I was an expert at building electronic devices professionally) since I could not feel anything while doing the specified protocol of sending the 30,000 Hz signal through the handholds for seven minutes at a time, three times a day, spaced at least 20 minutes apart, I mostly focused on any possible detrimental sensations, none of which happened. Although previously I had utilized Clark's herbal parasite cleanse protocol, which probably reduced the body's need to cleanse the dead pathogens as a toxic load, when first using the Zapper. But by the second week, to my great surprise, and doing nothing else unusual beside the Zapper safety experiment, I noticed that the chronic sinus infection that I had endured for a couple of decades, suddenly inexplicably cleared up; my sinus got unstuffed, and the white pus that would frequently come out of channels in the back of my throat, all ceased. Suddenly I could smell things again; but also not all smells were pleasant; for example, driving down the road, every vehicle in front of me had its own unique odor and none of them were pleasant. Furthermore, dust and pollen now was able to reach the tender sinus areas for the first time in decades, also producing some occasional uncomfortable results; but in general, the cessation of the longstanding sinus infection was a beneficial thing for me. About a month later, I also noticed that the minimal bronchitis I had carried at the base of my lungs since I was a child, also went away "spontaneously." And a psychological professional who was a long time friend, who called me once a week to check in on me, suddenly exclaimed that I was no longer obsessed with going around in circles about my life struggles including lack of a girlfriend, but that I now only merely mentioned them once and then dropped the subject; and she demanded to know what I was doing to cause the cessation of my chronic sub-clinical depression. I had no clue about it until I eventually thought of looking in the index of the thick book by Hulda Clark, in which the construction of the Zapper was described in the front of the book, and found that in the middle of that thick book, it described where Clark had found that depression was strongly correlated with several parasites including Ascaris that we get from our pet dogs and cats, and which sometimes take up residence in the brain, and the ammonia excreted by the parasites disrupt brain functions, depending where the Ascaris or Shigella lands in the brain, probably through breaks in the blood-brain barrier - I had suffered several concussions in my life long before that, such as when hit by a car while I was riding my bicycle to work, and woke up in the middle of the intersection with cars all over the place honking. So there was likely pathways for such parasites to have gotten into my brain; Hulda Clark had found this happened to lots of people, causing several kinds of symptoms, including depression in some cases, and was alleviated by using the Zapper protocols. Since i had not read that in the book before I had experienced, and my psychologist friend had observed it, it did not seem to be associate-able with a placebo effect. In fact many of my experiences would be very hard to attribute to a placebo effect. Yet I was always a skeptic about how such a simple device could improve a person's health; but I was open minded enough to try it, and it was in my field of expertise of electronics. I found that the Rife protocols worked significantly better than the Clark protocols for dealing with severe hay fever, however.

But perhaps the most astonishing effect the Zapper produced, was once when I was working as a custodian, in a desperate effort to earn money after conventional electronics technician jobs were not to be had, and had been jabbed with a rotted piece of jagged wood that had come out of an old stable yard, and had gouged a big chunk of skin out of the back of my left hand, about 3/4" on three sides and the other side was still attached to my hand. I was unable to stop what I was doing until about 15 minutes later, then I was able to go use a garden hose to fully flush out the wound, which was filled with black rotted wood grunge up until then. I was working alone and had no first aid kit, but I remembered that I had once built a Clark Zapper such that it could be plugged into a car's cigar lighter as alternate to its internal 9 volt battery; the Zapper, built of materials able to survive the 160ºF temperatures inside a car in the summer, from where it had been stashed under the car seat; I found some paper towels and used water from the garden hose to soak the paper, covered the pipe handholds, and held the handholds for the 7 minutes. Then I went back to work. An hour later I was back at home, and did the other two zaps of 7 minute each. The wound was quite impressive, a big chunk of flesh and associated skin, hanging on the back of my left hand between the base of my thumb and index finger. However, I noticed it showed no sign of being red and swollen, nor did it hurt, as I would expect from such a most likely infected wound; instead, it showed no sign of infection at all. But the chunk of flesh also would not stay in place when I would shove it back into the back of my hand, so I used some masking tape to hold it in place. The next two days I did the usual seven minute zaps three times a day, and at the third day I risked taking the masking tape bandage off, and to my surprise found that the flesh and skin had welded into place, and that only the perimeter of the wound was visible, and it still showed no sign of infection. I put more masking tape on as a bandage, and within a week of the original injury, the wound was fully healed, with never a sign of infection. If that was a placebo effect, my skeptic mind thought, it was a very very good placebo effect, and worth keeping.

But then I wondered, maybe the lack of evident infection redness and pus and swelling, the use of the Zapper was interfering with my immune system response. So I did another experiment, where the next time I got a prick from something there by the former stable, a much smaller wound, I simply flushed it clean with water from the garden hose, but did not use the zapper. And sure enough, it turned red, festered and swelled up as previously usual. So it seemed very clear that the Clark Zapper was the only thing that could have so quickly and perfectly healed the fairly substantial wound I had previously suffered.

Another possibly related item, is that I have been a blood donor since 1974, and have donated over 15 gallons of blood so far. The intake always measures my blood pressure, temperature, and measures the iron content of blood from a finger prick (or an ear prick for some years, instead) and they later take a half dozen of so vials of extra blood during the donation for tests of the blood too, in which they test for things like AIDS and other mysterious things. I have kept some of those readings especially in more recent years. I donated blood again a few days ago; the nearest collection site is about an hour's drive away, and one needs to walk across a big parking lot and then climb stairs to a quite high second story, then one get's one's blood pressure etc taken. My blood pressure is usually quite a bit higher on the diastolic reading under those conditions, 150 to once 170 mm Hg, although the systolic is still well within the normal resting range, 74 mm Hg the most recent donation time, for example; and taking my own blood pressure at home, it indicates I still have "normal" blood pressure, thankfully - 138/74 as measured last night. Hulda Clark did not mention any effect of the Zapper on blood pressure, that I recall, however; but at age 74 without taking medication for high blood pressure, at least the Zapper experiment is not causing high blood pressure in myself, that I can see. Anyway, the point here is mainly that my 126 or so blood donations spanning the years back to 1974, being checked every time at every donation, suggests my blood is OK enough to use even at present.

On occasion, I continue to advance my experiments utilizing small signal instruments on myself, even now at age 74, since I seem to have lots of extra time as part of my involuntary retirement. (I continue to do volunteer work, however; and keep an eye out for possible electronics or other paid work I could do.) And I have a new design for an economical Zapper that might have easy usage, that I hope to build a prototype soon, and see what effect it has on myself, if anything. Being already fairly healthy - although a bit overweight - it is sometimes hard to tell if such experiments are assisting my economical good health, other than once again this winter, I heard of lots of people in town and elsewhere getting colds and the flu, but I did not get sick. And besides vitamins and some herbs, I attribute that mostly to my small signal electro-healing experimentation on myself. I also have found that some of the Rife-type signals work better for some things, like the aforementioned hay fever, than does the Clark Zapper, and for prostate too, for example. And there are some more recent discoveries of using Rife-type small signals, that are said to be able to improve certain types of the body functionality, not related to eliminating pathogens, and there is some indication that it works for me too.

But bear in mind, there are a few substances that if given to a person, will prevent the Zapper from working well; and unscrupulous biased experimenters could easily corrupt results that way. So the efficacy testing needs to be done wisely and fully honestly with the fullest information available from all sources, including "anecdotal" data such as from myself, some of which is described here.

Another factor to any who would similarly take up a banner for getting such a government agency created and set up functioning effectively to evaluate the efficacy of health protocols of all kinds including conventional, is that there appears to be lots of powerful business and academic-ego interests that would like to see such proponents eliminated; widespread bad-mouthing has long been evident at me, and I am lucky to not yet being downed by a "stray" bullet. Others have not been so fortunate: Royal Rife, after he got out of prison for his health research, finding his lab equipment was all smashed to pieces by the "investigators," was killed when in his eighties he was carousing and drunk and taken to a hospital and given a tranq that was known to be lethal when taken with alcohol; Dr Milborne Johnson was murdered by poisoning the night before he was to give a press release describing the huge success he had had at USC Medical Center on some previously declared hopeless cancer cases that had recovered amazingly well through use of Rife's protocols; Hulda Clark, in her eighties, was arrested in southern California and driven in handcuffs to the midwest and put in jail on trumped-up charges of practicing medicine without a license, later acquitted of the charges, but the scars remained, and last year she passed away due to spinal injuries. So it is risky to attempt such reform that would interfere with the wealth of powerful others who will justify in their mind some accusation, but really actually unconsciously defending their need to keep their wealth coming in to pay for their huge homes and put all their kids through ivy-league colleges. I also am at risk by pointing out pathways that would be possibly far superior than present space access corporate technologies in a totally different field than being discussed here, but also getting me blacklisted by the aerospace industry because of that; bad-mouthing is a major tool that is used to cause life difficulties, such as making it real hard to get a girlfriend anymore.

And it seems really wrong that such health protocols are not readily available to all Americans, and without requiring medical expensive monitoring, of course. Yet is considered "illegal" to use the Clark Zapper or Rife-type instrumentation on someone else, in this country. It is the business territory of the medical professionals and facilities. Thus the need for the government-provided independent testing of efficacy of such health protocols, to both improve the general health and functionality of all Americans, but also to cut back on the cost of health care in America. Surely the health care professionals ought to be content with just taking care of broken bones and appendectomies and such, and leave the colds and flu prevention, along with minor wounds, to the Zapper at home.

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