A nature short story in one paragraph

Hot Nouns, Vigorous Verbs-2

The next Chuparosa Writers exercise was chosen by Marlene: Make a list of 5 hot nouns and 5 vigorous verbs, write them all over the page randomly; then connect them with lines randomly; then write what comes to mind.

I put on the hottest music on my iPod: “Tantra” from album “Dorje Ling”. The 5 hot nouns I chose were: volcano, shark, tiger, lover, song. The 5 vigorous verbs I chose were: jump, swirl, climb, swing, excite. And as “Tantra” played on, I wrote (then revised a bit later):

A shark coming into view excited the fish, who then moved with a swirl; as a tiger watched the fish, the nearby volcano rumbled and edged hot molten lava a bit closer to the tiger’s perch. Overhead in the trees, two lovers relaxed from long embraces’ passion, to cautiously watch the tiger. The lovers climbed higher in the tree, swinging upon branches, a song of life in their hearts. Then the branch broke, they plunged to the ground, the tiger jumped in surprise. The lovers jumped into the water, the shark dashed at them, the tiger’s paw reached in and caught the shark. The lovers climbed out of the water in a swirl, went to warm themselves in their song, at the volcano’s edge. And the fish resumed its swim peacefully along the shore side.

Jim (JEDCline) 20050511-12


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