The Wind

The Chuparosa writer's group again has stimulated some creative writing by me, here is one, and the next one (above, "Yellow Rose" also.)

The Wind

The wind is one of those
natural phenomena
that is mostly known by its effects,
itself being invisible.

Wind is air on the move.
It can take with it the sails of a sailboat on the lake,
and the dust raised in a desert sandstorm
to frost your windshield and remove your paint.

Busy time and again,
it resonates with the land to sculpt sand dunes
rippling here and there,
its logic mysterious
although obviously powerful.

Wind is said to be caused by low density warm air
meeting high density cold air,
the heavy moving in on the lightweight,
motion happens.

Windmills turn,
tree leaves shake,
tornados twirl.

Although the massive storm winds are driven by the energy of the Sun,
we people can imitate in small ways:
blowing out a candle flame,
playing a woodwind instrument
... even whistle in the dark.

Where it came from,
and where it goes,
nobody knows;
but while it is here,
the wind blows.

Jim ... J E D Cline 20050505


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