I struggle to make sense of the melee going on.

Human civilization is a function of play-out of urge to prepare for the future, which involves the accumulation and distribution of knowledge.

Simultaneously it is the play-out of human motivations and human resources, of skills, motivations, and desires, attentions.

And similarly on the natural physical level, the play-out of natural physical resource processes and availability to civilization, such as habitable land, food crops agriculture, and economically useable energy sources.

The interlaced play-out of these three arenas, along with their more generic formative patterns such as archetypal or of a spiritual or subtle character, is what we experience in life.

Since there are correspondences between these 4 arenas with Jungian psychetypes and Kiersarian Temperament designations, it could be said that individual people tend to focus their individual life on just one of those arenas, in the play-out of their life.

-- 20050419 & 20050422 JEDCline


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