Awakening's revisions

Awakening's revisions to sleepy thoughts, for Chuparosa Writers; Jim Cline:

I figured out that in my efforts to help Humanity,
that all I can connect with are the equivalent of local street gang bosses or less.
In fact, I can't find Humanity anywhere yet,
for a chat about our urgent options for bountiful survival.

It appears that the trend is
to model the government after the corporation.
That might work
if they could find a corporation modeled after the America I knew.

I wonder if the Way Of The Fastest Buck,
Can somehow really wisely rule a land of people.

Yet, if I had to choose
between the world getting divided up into territories
of tyrannical righteous dictators,
religious dogma proclaimers,
or business barter territories,
Maybe I, too, would give barter a try.

It seems that the craving to watch conflict
has seeped into the land, like a pestilence.
Why would they choose that,
instead of the craving for personal joyful mutual lovemaking?

Maybe it is an availability problem,
Sure is with me.

There has been no change:
that which inspires the imagination to guide the attention,
thusly plants the kind of seeds for the coming harvest;
And the emotional feeling roused about it,
waters and fertilizes the crop, just like always.

Insight's surprise:
Who..., who is
the Farmer?

And who is it that
takes that kind of harvest to market,
Who is it that craves to play
that "buy & sell" game?


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