A better pdf file on the 40 YO lunar space elevator idea set

I have both reduced the file size to 2.4 MB and added lots of more related info to it:

This is all ancient history, and has no financial value such as patent potential anymore. Still, since some folks are now working (forty years after this idea-paper info) to physically make a Lunar space elevator through L-1 toward the Earth, possibly someone might find these long-ago documents interesting.

The ideas sure got ignored back then; much as the situation now, the dynamic charge of the mass of business folks was forcefully stampeded in a different way than I had proposed, much as my later "KESTS to GEO" electro-dynamic planet-encircling ground to GEO eccentric internal-centrifugally-supported hoop transportation concepts, which themselves are now already some twenty-three years ignored by aerospace.

I understand now, it is lots safer to take tiny baby-steps of innovation, rather than risk going for a really adequate solution to the big problems of civilization. Especially in a system where there is a pile of big businesses all backbiting each other for superiority and greater profits without responsible vision for the future of civilization and the ecosystem, it indeed may be wiser to play it safe.

Sigh. Back to my science fiction writing, getting into my self-created fantasy world where my technological ideas get to play out, and the good folks win and have fun adventures doing it. As I read of one lonely lady sadly commenting long ago, "sometimes a good fantasy is better than just more hard reality."


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