National needs vs control by business profit market wind power in politics: the view of national needs vs control by business profit market.

Are there politicians who function in responsibility to the nation as a whole, instead of for special select interests? Democrats seem a lot better at functioning for the best for America as a whole nation, but are handicapped by the GOP by their prevention of gathering of taxes to take care of national needs, such as adequate energy from renewable resources.

Energy is critical for the economy, and especially ought to take priority for tax money over doing "righteous-wars" in other countries who have their own lives to lead; our vast weapons-makers ought to be able to take on side jobs making renewable energy stuff for the protection of the economy; after all, does making war-machines produce anything constructively useful?

Sure, the "fallout" of advanced technology development such as from NASA and Darpa is very helpful to the nation's technology development foundation, but why can't we do the same taxpayer-paid development for peaceful constructive purposes? Expecting corporations to do that R&D is expecting some behavior not typical of corporate principles of market-controlled quickly-profitable goals.

I suspect the reason is that GOP proclaims that all development must be done by business maximum-profit-goaled purposes; that is, except for military war preparations and actions, which are exempt from that limitation, and thus (under GOP control) war efforts are the only way to have the nation develop technology that is later widely useful to corporate business and thus not patent-locked-down by some particular company.

The many forms of solar-sourced energy ought to be a national protection priority, as generously funded as are war preparations already being done. Perhaps priority ought to go to converting war machine makers into energy machine makers. Like the proverbial swords into plowshares. And sure, keeping the war-making machine tooling mothballed and ready to go into production if America experiences some big monkey jumping on us in the future.

(People-stuff is complicated.)

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