Nobody is minding the store Seems to me to be one of those rare political items that has balance and understanding. And is mixed in with some of unrelated life's problems, as is much of life for the rest of us. Am one of those 47%. Struggling to live on the social security retirement safety net for which am quite thankful exists due to the wisdom of folks long ago. And yes I pay those other taxes like sales tax, gas tax, and Washington Use tax. But there is no work for me that will raise my income up to the level where I would pay Federal Income Tax once more. I never expected to retire, my income unable to save up enough to do that. Besides, work was part of my daily life. But when I once again was out on the street looking for work as an Electronics Technician, due to another employer's RIF that included me that time, I eventually realized that jobs were too few and I was past 65 and no one wanted to employ me anymore. eventually I realized that I apparently was "retired." And I have come to think that more as time goes on. I did have a couple of months of paid part-time work, as a result of volunteer work I did before and afterwards, and still do now via my computer and the internet, a kind of data processing on a scientific project for the museum. that small income was desperately needed back then, too. Maybe I am a bit different from the average American, in that I think that we all, 47% included, ought to pay into the federal income tax kitty. And we ought to have work we can do fairly easily with little drama and trauma, and even enjoy doing. Who would be able to create those jobs and supervise that work being done by the 47%, other than the Federal Government. Now I realize that would be considered treading into the business territory of conventional businesses, but, take a look, conventional businesses have not taken on that job. Nothing like a reality check, to get good answers. Conventional businesses do not consider it their responsibility to make sure everybody has a god and productive paid job. They want the potential employees out there semi-starved and ready to grab at any job, when conventional business has a need for someone; I can understand that. But the conglomerate of all the petty kingdoms of conventional businesses, just are not doing the job of keeping everybody rightfully employed at work pleasant and productive. Conventional business wants those job-seekers milling around on their doorstep, to be hired for a minimum amount of money; hired to do something that the employer either cannot or does not want to do themselves; when the job is done, and if there is no other task for that employee, he is booted back out into the milling masses of job seekers. That is the way it has been working during my forty-plus years of being employed to do somebody else's tasks in return for money on which to survive. The situation seems different now in many respects. Conventional business sees only the path of most profit, and in today's larger world oftentimes that means it gets done overseas. The person who would have done it here in the USA remains out of work. No skin off the businessman's nose, he is in it for the fast buck, not to nurture the system of which he is part, here in America. Businesses are grab-root-growl, hunter-gatherers in business suits; no "farmers" are they, with responsibility for long term maintenance of the situation. The clerks are selling everything like mad but nobody is minding the store. Who can be counted on minding the store. America, that is. And America is the responsible one whether taking responsibility or not.


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