Another rant fueled by Aspergers conjectures

Wandering a bit in my blog post "Morphing conjecture into theory" and stimulated by the link on the title here "Economic Policy Beyond Gimmicks" am seeing what happens by my Asperger's efforts to understand what all those people are doing, really doing. Why can't they all cooperate and pursue efforts that bring greater wellbeing to all, I wonder. I can see such a huge amount that could be accomplished in short and long term to bring a much better life for all Americans and even spread around the world if the others choose so.

But no, that is not what is going on. Aspergers are supposed to be the goofy ones re people and their doings. Am I just being goofy or is it the other way around? Most likely we are all doing whatever we are able to do. And that suggests a way to analyze it all: use what is being done, to locate & define what people are actually able to do. And, don't ask people to do much beyond what they already can do per their thusly defined natures.

So, I will skip over the essential but incredibly complex and lengthly detailed research on who said what and who did what to whom that is relevant here, and go direct to the "conjecture" phase. Conjecture is a bit better than wild guesses, but less than hypothesis that have had some checking done. So I will dredge up with some old and very obviously oversimplifications of the current dominant political scene: "The robber-barrons vs the sheeple-people." Or maybe slightly different: "The owner-managers vs the lazy-grunts." Testing the fit of some likely looking pieces of this gigantic jigsaw puzzle, a couple pieces seem to fit: the owner-managers need to find ways to force the lazy-grunts to do the work that the owner-managers need to get done; and one obvious way is to make the lazy-grunts only way to get health care for themselves and their loved ones would be to get health insurance provided by their owner-manager-employer. If the work demanded of them is just too hard, if they complain or quit the job, they lose health care; thus a big armlock on those lazy grunts to make them get up and work. Health care funded by all Americans in a big pool, enables health to stay healthy instead of getting too sick and into a down spiral to big costly mess well-being-wise. So overall it greatly improves the productivity capacity of America. But it does so at the cost of owner-management losing their leverage of depriving the worker of healthcare if he/she won't do the rotten work they are given by owner-management. Thus healthcare financing becomes a pivotal issue in the political struggle between the two parties of owner-mananagers vs lazy-grunts.

So, there is a conjecture. Way over-simpified and doubtless not the names they like to call themselves. Not even generally true archetypes, not at all. Still, something of the general pattern, seems to fit the otherwise Aspergers-incomprehensible ongoings.

I teeter on the urge to bring in another factor in the healthcare issue, which could easily turn into another huge set of issues. From a huge amount of personal experience, I would have to say that if keeping people fit and healthy, the present healthcare system is missing huge opportunity to do so. That would improve the working capability of Americans - sure the lazy-grunts mostly but owner-management folks too - while enormously lowering the cost of healthcare. Sounds like another everybody-wins thing - that is not happening. Well I have written on that subject in this jedcstuff blog a lot, and little interest in rehashing it here, this is already getting too long. Suffice it to say that if efficacy were the primary criteria for usefulness, then price applied as modifier, that the so-called alternative health modalities would get incorporated into the medical system with heavy emphasis on a do-it-yourself mode. The big problem preventing this is the huge amount of investment and profits being made with the system just like it is; and if the cost of healthcare goes way way down, the money is no longer pouring into the current type healthcare system, lots of jobs are lost, owner-managers don't get to buy more colorful yachts to add to their existing zoo of colorful yachts, or pile up even more huge piles of gold in offshore banks. Thus this possibly is the more powerful force controlling the healthcare issue, seems to be where this trail has led.

I could then wander into the energy crisis circus. Avoiding of course the urge to say I-told-you-so-and-showed-you-how to solve it over two decades ago, and then get all tangled up in that bunch of snares surrounding me as a result of tangling with the powers-that-be. But I can say that if the so-called religious wars between fundys over here vs fundys over in middle-east, all intent on their sons being the only ones inheriting the future instead of the sons of those others, and plenty of time to wait and reproduce, that in about another three decades whoever runs out of fuel first for warcraft vehicles, loses the game. Since our solution currently is to reduce foreign oil bought and burned away, by more rapidly burning up of our own limited supplies, we lose the who-runs-out-first game.

But Aspergers me just shakes my head in bafflement at all that monkeybusiness. How incredibly much more we could all achieve and be responsible to the environs that provide us all with life-stuff, but cooperating for mutual benefit. Well, I was already there once in this rant of a blog post.

Lots of this seems to be both conjecture and initial observations leading to conjecture.

And i realize that the whole morphing of conjecture into theory model is missing a very important aspect: that of what do we want to achieve.

Well, the simple achievement of two bulls bashing each other until one is no longer able to participate in fathering the next generation, thus the fems breed that one the winner, might well be the "want to achieve" bottom line of lots out there. That is not what I had in mind. But yes it is obvious that it is whatever is in their mind is what goes into reality, instead of what I had in mind.

Full circle and am done with this blog post. Other than spelling fixing, of course. This lazy-grunt will just have to grunt about that, and just do it.



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