The news is sad

A friend emailed me this morning saying the news is sad. I replied yes the news is sad. The big garment factory fires is reminescent to the Triangle garment factory fire here in the US that killed a similar number hundreds of women workers, and finally got the US to pass laws making business people more responsible for the care and safety of their workers. That businesses are now trying to control elections and thus the business laws, I fear will send America back to the irresponsible business system of before that fire, and probably much worse. I guess it depends on how much we Americans prefer drama to having good lives.

Also the overseas "religious" violence perfectly timed and predictable results to influence our elections too, set off by a clever bogus movie-trailer. But maybe it also shows a tinderbox problem we here in America in our religious tolerance determination, do not comprehend does not always exist everywhere. Also it makes me realize how some religions think their God is so weak that it cannot ignore some bad words thrown at it by some naughty teenagers; and think that it is excuse to bash and kill to show their loyal support of their God that apparently they think wants that to happen.

Again, the Drama of it all.

We humanity could be doing so incredibly much more and better than this together.

Yet even here in America I have seen some of the best opportunities for great progress to responsibly help all Americans and peoples of the world and the natural world that gives us all life, get trickily dumped by those whose massive greed is more powerful than their wisdom.

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