What happens when someone comes up with an idea for a product that is clearly overwhelmingly better in every way than some big business has been profitably producing? Perhaps this is the worst nightmare for corporations, that vision of somebody not in their control coming up with something far better than that which they have sunk all their investments into.

Sure, they could come to an agreement with the provider of the new concept product, to smoothly ease over to the new way, everybody is a winner. But that does not seem to be the way of the ego, having clawed its way to the top echelons of the corporation. How dare someone try to horn in on their territory that they so rightfully won? They know how to deal with upstarts. And if the upstart's wonderful new conceptual design would obsolete a major part of a wealthy widespread industry, the big egos of all the industries jump into this well-known game.

A working technique is to form high profile organizations and organize conferences which have the key slogans that are actually more appropriate to the upstart's best points. This attracts those who would have been interested in supporting the upstart's concepts and enabling them to be made reality. In the conferences they can have dazzling displays of the older concept products, while showing fine artistic renditions of some other competitive product to that of the upstart's, claiming it is almost ready for market, distracting and wearying the conference attendees, forgetting any glimmers of the upstart's new vision. Even if the naive upstart comes to those conferences attempting to show the new conceptual design, believing the organization would gladly greet this wonderful way to reach their stated goals, the upstart is simply not noticed by the leadership. If the leaders see nothing in the concept, all the other attendees assume that it must be invalid or otherwise not worth even thinking about further. It is a "follow the leader" kind of game, and the leaders have painted themselves well.

The upstart thus gains no resources so as to make the new vision a reality; and historically often dies in poverty and despair, baffled by the tragic treatment given in return for providing them all such a great gift. Such as Meucci, Tesla, and Rife. The upstart just did not get the point that it is egos that control what happens, instead of potential benefits to humanity.

But all is not lost. Even though egos rule, the bigger the better, and played out by the unwritten rules. When the upstart is adequately erased, the big businesses will set their engineering to work in the back room on the new ideas, no mention of where they came from, just do your job that we pay you to do; and the corporation will protect their territory staked out by development effort's investment. A new cycle started. And in the corporation's own good time, and in some fractional measure of the original full concept's ability to provide, the public will be forking out money for the new products. The business boat was not rocked, and the businessmen had a great time doing their sport, how satisfying, what proof of their superiority!


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