Resonating to ongoing tribal lore and more

Life's experiences, are they me; or are they something I only identify with while in each of them? "Resonating to..." seems an apt description of the process.

Resonating to ongoing tribal lore; resonating meditatativly to perceptions of the outsides and insides; and resonating to ongoing go-do get-done tasks ... does this encompass all my life busyness? Some especially intense life experiences include resonating to all three during the event.

What about when sleeping? Sleep might be the resonating to deep slow quieting.

What about danger's startle? Perhaps at such times I suddenly release ongoing resonances, to resonate to a combination of identification of the threat's potential harm, adrenaline rush and tensing musculature for sudden strong motion in as yet incompletely unidentified positioning changes.

But the majority of my life seems to be catagorizable by the first three resonatings:

To meditative perception of outsides and insides;
To ongoing tribal lore;
and to ongoing go-do get-done task busyness.

About 5% of my time is spent resonating to meditative perception of outsides and insides. Examples are any form of imagination, meditation, prayer, holistic states of mind, and high points of church services.

About 15% of my time is spent in resonating to ongoing tribal lore. Examples are when out in public shopping, most of church social activities and service attendance, most of conversations with people, and most of home and family related stuff.

About 55% of my time is spent in the resonance to go-do get-done task busyness. Examples are fixing and eating meals, arranging things at home, the physical activity parts of going shopping, driving places, basic physical activity that does not specifically require primary compliance with social requirements.

That leaves the most of the rest of the time for resonating to deep slow quieting of sleep.

I think that for people not so far from center of bell curve as I tend to be, their time expenditure would be greatest in the resonance to ongoing tribal lore.

The sense of "resonating to" the various but few arenas, seems significant to me right now.

Jim Cline


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