Volunteering has been something that has given much of my post-divorice life meaning.

Thinking back, the volunteering I did had a lot of variety:

I took Active Listening training to be a Hotline Listener for the Valley Hotline in Los Angeles, then was a Listener once a week for the next 2 years, 1976-1978;

I started donating blood to the American Red Cross, and have donated over 14 gallons in the 33 years since then, 1973-2006;

I was a Listener on the Handicapped Hotline in the San Jose CA area for about a year, 1979-80 (?);

I was a member of the all-volunteer staff of Meditation Magazine in the 1990's;

I have done volunteer decoration of floats for the Rose Parade many years, mostly the Glendale floats and the IHOP floats. This included working on a float that won the Volunteer's Trophy one year;

I volunteered at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles County, 2000-2006, helping in Research and Collections fossil Coral and present-day crustacea;

I did volunteering for Bolton Hall Museum in Tujunga CA, did data entry once a week for many years and then took Docent training, and served as a Docent once a month for a year, 2002-2006.

Now I wonder, is there anything I do in my new environment in the State of Washington, usefully as a volunteer?

Jim Cline


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