Not future shock, but moving shock

Looks like I can blog here once more. The bloggerbeta sign in had me locked out for a long time.

Another major move in my life has happened in the meantime. No stranger to being uprooted and cast on some strange beach (or desert more likely, as in this case again), this move seems to be hardest on me. Getting older, lots older, maybe that is the cause. Even lugging my belongings around is a lot harder, and not just because there is a lot more of it to move, and now includes a lot of my deceased parents belongings.

At least the internet provides some connection to some friends left behind.

The details of the relocation seem almost beyond adequate control. Things have fallen through the cracks everywhere. I make lists of things needing done, but then don't always refer to the lists. The work, mostly volunteer, that had given life much of its meaning, of course had to be left behind, perhaps to be revisitied on occasion in the future but with great expense and difficulty each time.

An "inner saboteur" seems identifiable; but since it seems more interested in my passwords, correspondent's names and addresses, and my finances, than it is in much else, it does not qualify for activities of my Jungian Animo/Animus, and seems more of an activity of an external rival. And the "inner saboteur" seems able to do a blindfold on me regarding specific things on my lists, inhibiting my action on them. The article on "Defixiones" in the Smithsonian Magazine several years ago, seems to describe effects of this kind. About the only ways I have found to irritate it, is to have my dinner wine or do my "Artificial REM Sleep" process. If somebody else told me that kind of thing, I would say they were nuts. But like unexpectedly stepping into a cold muddy pool of water to above one's shoes, it is hard to describe to someone else; yet also hard to deny, standing there in the cold wet soggy mess. So too, it is hard to deny the "inner saboteur" thing going on sometimes, and explain it to someone who who has not been there and done that.

It is nice to be back on blogging again.


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