Here is a nice Asperger's-Dysfunction type paranoid-sap thought

What techniques could be used to keep the Asperger's Dysfunction brainy guys from getting their ideas out?

One type of man is very common, normal. It has qualities built-in that focus life activities on ever slightly improving one's performance in comparison with his peers. This sets his specific position within a hierarchical framework that controls his options in life. These are the common, "normal" type of men, since theirs is a reproductively successful strategy, even in the wider animal world. These men truely believe in this world view, that power and social control position, are all that matters. To get them to get educated, they need to be promised that it will get them ahead of those who don't have degrees; that is enough motivation do the school to get the degree. Promises of knowledge won't get them into school; but schooling has to be tied into them being able to beat up on or otherwise get ahead of the other guys, is what works nicely with these folk.

Some parts of this are, that regarding mating, the best men get the best women, and the low ranking men get no women, thus do not reproduce. This puts lots of pressure to obey the rules of the hierarchy.

And regarding corporate organization charts, the flow of correspondence must only go to one's immediate supervisor, and not to the person who best could utilize the information.

These kind of folk are wonderous creatures when it comes to teamwork and getting things done. Their hierarchy forms an instant skeleton for going into action to get done that which its top members choose to make happen. To access space to gain resources of clean energy, to take the pressure of civilization off the ecosystem so it will survive, bores them no end. Nothing will happen, don't you know who is boss here? But if they think some opponent nation is going to the Moon to set up nuke weapon rockets to aim at them and thus get ahead of them, they will jump into action and build the machines and get there to walk on the Moon first. But having established upsmanship, they abandon the Moon and the technology that got them there with the promises to go beyond. Nope, not interested. Only in the interpersonal combat thing and all its variations, are they interested.

Keeping one's place, is the prime law in this scenario. Yet, these are unwritten laws. How does the scenario provide for dealing with those who don't see the unwritten rules, or otherwise are tempted go outside this unwritten law framework? Dealing with those men who are way out of line?

How about this technique: If a brainy man who puts no effort into rising in the hierarchy at, say a large company, comes up with a good idea unrelated to his job duties, and efforts to get the idea into the hands of those who could use the idea are stopped by his immediate supervisor (who does not want to be made to look not as smart at the underling lest the underling take his job, or so he thinks.) Or if the idea does start up the ladder of hierarchy, the actual identity of the originator gets lost, and higher men take the credit for it. But if it is not in the mandate of the corporate product line, it gets deep six'ed somewhere, end of subject as far as all are concerned. Except for the guy who came up with the idea, down at the bottom of the social structure.

So the idea man mulls over the idea, as he goes from job to job, earning money to pay his bills. Eventually the idea is much improved in detail, so he then tries to write up the idea and send it to people who might be able to use the idea. Publish the concept on the internet for all to see. He insists his brainchild be given life.

So how does the social hierarchical system deal with this guy that is way out of line?

Consider one way, that beautifully solves all parts of the problem completely.

Use the social networks to spread some false statements about the idea-guy; he probably is a bit socially awkward and acts a bit odd thereby, so these statements seem plausable to others, why take a chance?. Use gossip channels, and Neighborhood Watch communication channels, and political meetings. Send the suspicions and requests to catch the guy doing the specific bad things, to be passed along to everybody so they can be on the alert. Such things could include such evocative things such as "child molester", "rapist of young women", homosexual, or AIDS carrier. Whatever is likely to stir up rage or fear in the people, works. Or thief of objects from store shelves and from other people's pockets. Even steals other people's ideas and pretends they are his. So watch the guy and provide higher ups with info about the wrongdoings of the guy, anything suspicious he is doing. Insofar as possible, get security staff and law enforcement personnel involved. Anyone who thinks of friendship with the guy realizes it might look to others like being an accomplice, thus avoids possible friendship.

So how could such a thing work? Well, if the "word" about the guy goes ahead of him through social networking, the people he tries to connect with have already been given a "first impression" about him, tending to cause them to watch him for suspicious interest in women, and friendship with children, watch to catch him stealing something; and if he claims to have a good idea, just ignore his efforts to claim somebody else's idea. That is what they are focused upon, and there is no room in their minds for anything else about the man.

This makes women and children fearful of him. No woman will consider him as a potential husband. Men will watch for a chance to righteously clobber him. And most importantly, no one will consider that he has originated good ideas that could help all of them. No one will help him with the idea's manifestation into reality, and so the idea dies there, or is abandoned for the regular folk to take over.

Thus is the iron fist of the hierarchy. Don't get out of line. Accept that the higher-ups are the best and all that is well done is by the effort of those best. Women, get in line for the best men, and don't look elsewhere.

What is the cost of this problem to humanity, to civilization, to the average person? Some of the costs are, that humanity loses the genes of the idea people that are not socially focused, and that lots of the best ideas never become available for civilization to use in time of need or opportunity.


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