(Several folks have expressed appreciation for my latest poetic effort, which was written while I was riding on a city bus. Here it is: "Mountains")

Mountains provide variation,
the high to low spreading ecosystems
like a flower spreads its petals to the world,
display inviting to come explore its wonders.

Some mountains have trees,
some have grown great,
others yet small.

Other mountains of red sandstone
wildly erosion shaped,
invite the climbing,
such were my favorites in youth.

Snow comes more to the mountains high,
being closer to the clouds.

Thawing, mountain provides the downhill
to deliver water to thirsty faraway lands,
following time worn river trails
to lower adventures.

I know the mountains by my feet,
by my imagination in the
Thich Nhat Hanh become-identity meditation,
by my eyes through apartment windows,
and by my seat as the city bus bounces
and rumbles the roadways
along the ever side slopes
of Sunland-Tujunga terrain.

Surely the Verdugo mountains
paternally smile down on
the new kind of ecosystem
growing on its flanks,
mankind’s townworks.

Jim Cline, Oct 6, 2004


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