Societal Games

In the struggle to find out why I haven't yet gotten the KESTS to GEO project going, I realize that it has to do with my social interactions; even in kindergarden, it was found that I just did not "get it" adequately to be an acceptable player in the schoolyard games like "Rover Red Rover Come Over." Bashing my body against the opposing team line just did not work for me; and quickly I was not allowed to play in team games anymore. I must solve the problem from where I stand, how I really am; so I attempt to understand what goes on with people, they seem to robustly go on prancing along yet won't stop to check out KESTS to GEO. to optimally save their own future and mine. What are the factors?

There are some things that I have found as factors:
1. Innate sense of territory both one's own and that of one's neighbors;
2. Continual exercise of give-and-take, defend-and-aggression, both playful and for-real;
3. A sense of social hierarchy structure, including one's own "place" in it, and the acceptable rules for changing one's position in that social hierarchy;
4. Display for comparison to see whose is bigger than whose, better-than, faster-than, smarter-than, many kinds of whose-betterness.

Team sports teach players (and to some extent teach those in the bleachers) the principles of both cooperation and hostilities, and physical expression of both; both required of by, and restrained in scope by, the rules of the game, each player's worth being determined by how well he/she physically performs and follows the rules of both demanded and prohibited actions, as played out in the ongoing contextual situation, some is static and some is dynamic within the structure.

Why do they spend their time that way? Perhaps it is some instinctual urge to tussle with each other, exercising for strengthening capacity to do certain kinds of things. Perhaps it is part of the societal hierarchy flow process, rewards granted only to "winners" therefore there is much incentive to play and to win.

To make that all work, there must be strict adherence to the hierarchical scheme, from which the goodies of life are meted out: food, homes, attractiveness to potential mates; "wealth" and "social standing" key summary parameters.

Now, the thing I don't notice anywhere in this, is the visionary guidance of the whole for the well-being of the whole. I have been voluntarily attempting to provide some of this, such as with the "KESTS to GEO" and its enabled applications, for robust expansion and survival of civilization, and restoration of nature.

But rule-moderated "bullying" is the actual guide nowadays, instead. This works while nature can continue to provide bounty for the "winners", while man's munching and frolicking about doesn't destroy essential parts of nature, so as to collapse the support system: game over.

I believe mankind can take on the task of visionary guidance for growth and sustenance of both civilization and nature. Perhaps this is more of a prayer, blind faith, than of observation of current reality.

That will involve also finding out how to prevent, contain and perhaps even harness (??) the bully-force that often bursts forth to cause bull-types to launch locking horns in struggle to see who is better than who, trashing out the surrounding environs and destroying others lives and property and indebting the system so that it won't have the resources to create highly constructive large-scale options; the contentious bullies being righteousness-proclaiming on both sides, of course; onlookers getting all excited about the ongoing fracas, instead of using their combined abilities to stop it immediately. This prevention & coping-with is something that I cannot even guess how to do at this point; very ancient problem that it is.

-- Jim Cline


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