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Solving Headaches-a
20040912 J E D Cline

In the news lately are declarations that the health care system is costing the economy too much. An old saying is that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", although this is not heard much anymore, probably because there is much more profit to be made from the pound of cure. One would think that the "customer" would select the "ounce of prevention" instead, it being much more economical and very much less painful and inconvenient.

However, only in the "health food" and alternative health" arenas, do people seem to explore this option. General population, I think, lives in a "fighting brush fires" mode most of the time, just treading water to stay afloat, no energy or attention remaining for the "ounce of prevention." Some part of the cause of this is that the "pound of cure" providers (and very welcome they are in time of real need) are the ones with the big advertising budgets to hog the attention of the population, and to use leverage on governmental agencies to block viable alternatives from being accepted widespread.

The principle of "efficiacy" seems to provide a solution to this problem, in case people really want to solve the problem. Perhaps analogous to court of law arbitration, the various interests involved would need to be willing to accept the results of valid reality-testing appropriate to the situation overall. Such efficiacy reality testing can often be done even by oneself (examples shown below); it does not take millions of dollars to perform such reality testing.

"Efficiacy" measurements would be different for different people and situations, I suspect. For example, some people might find it more efficient to rid themselves of a headache by swallowing pills on demand, like aspirin etc; while others would find it more efficient to apply a few moments of rubbing their neurolymphatic appropriate points to deal with headaches, while others might use a battery operated electrical device set to headache-source healing frequencies, to prevent the headaches. It would depend on how busy the person is, what knowledge and materials and equipment are at hand for the person, then decisions made by the person with the headache.

Currently, the makers of analgesics have the money and influence to toot their horn loudly and most people thus know only of that option to deal with headaches.

Having personally done some "efficiacy" reality-testing on the subject to myself during the past decade, I've found the electric microcurrent devices do an efficient job of preventing the headaches formerly a frequent problem for me (and their use has clarified my thinking and memory to a significant extent and so is another plus); the self-neurolymphatic rubbing works wonders for me too and has general stress-relief as a side effect (although I can't do it in public as it looks too weird.) And yet it is nice to have that bottle of analgesics handy for the times I have been too busy and frazzled coping with life's dramas to have done the preventive modes.

Each of the "headache-fixing" modes have their own special side effects on myself: the analgesics may drop inflamation-related damage elsewhere too; the self-neurolymphatics may stress-relieve enough to be able to see other options in the situation ongoing; the small electrical device may prevent other problems besides headaches. Another modality, that of intensive nutritional intake focus, also may be "efficiacy" found to prevent some headaches, and have its own side effects such as weight control and better life energy and so forth. Yet not everybody can equally utilize all of those modes; for example, I as a lonely bachelor grieving over lack of normal close relationship with a woman in the present time, have little facility for the adequate nutritional modality.

A mere headache may seem an automatic call to grab the analgesic bottle and pop a pill, get on with life while it takes effect. Forget the neuro-rubbing and the electrical gizmos, not needed. Yet, like other aches and painful sensations, headaches are the body's way of saying that help is needed down here in the physical self, and needed right now! Pill-popping may be analogous to hitting the alarm clock's off-button, when it sounds wake-up in the workday morning, and then going back to sleep, instead of getting awake and seeing what needs to be done and going for it.


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