Poetry of KESTS to GEO

How powerful the cast spell!
That enchants Man with mere winning.

The Earth's vast oil fields
A pocketful of energy for man,
But mere pittance from its huge source
Steady solar power endlessly intense
High above this planet
Even this moment, pouring past
Unclaimed, going to waste,
Trillions of clean watts every second
Unnecessarily gone past forever.

The incredibly grand rocketry of the 1960's
Did race us to the Moon in time
To say "No" to the "enemy"
That was trying to move Cuban scenario nuclear missiles there.
Rocket's proud great achievement for Man's daring step.

But for the building of Solar Power Plants in GEO
Rocketry doesn't have the Right Stuff
Stepping off to the journey
To climb up the 20,000 mile high mountain
Carrying the immense weight of all the fuel for the trip in its pack.
It would use more energy than the machines could send back.

Man has other ways, however,
Many are his kinds of wares.
Fit the tool to the task,
Don't get stuck mired forever in the old business ways,
Stored kinetic energy as centrifugal force
Stretching away from around the earth in a loop,
Balancing structure weight
Perhaps could support a railway.

A Hula Hoop for Mother Earth,
Swinging around as she rotates;
The hoop a double carousel,
A low speed one to ride upon;
The very high speed one along side of it
To pull the low speed one up and to provide outward centrifugal force
To support the weight of both carousels arm in arm.

A hoop supported by stored internal energy,
Not by its strength of materials, as do other kinds of high structures.
A great gateway to high earth orbit with its solar power so abundant,
And from there to the riches of the Solar System
Waiting patiently for life to bloom upon its hard barren vastness.

Mother Earth's Hula Hoop;
High speed multiple carousel hoops side by side,
The faster lending a hand to lift the slower.
No more would vehicles have to lift fuel energy for the trip to GEO.
Cheap electrical lift to GEO
Builds solar power plants there
To light our homes and power our machines
And power the carousel itself,
Becoming a self-sustaining path to space to keep the path open.
And build solar powered giant mass spectrometers
For total recycling plants there
To use sunlight's power to reverse the entopy from toxic industrial wastes.

Perhaps to finally set Man free
From ancient bondage to heavy ground.
Farfetched it seems to most;
But Just In Time, it seems to me.

Does Man now pause in his mad race to win
Lemming Leap's ultimate reward?
To look around,
See this something new to give reason for life anew?

Not yet, I notice, sadly, 16 years into the trying;
The enchantment spell of the Lemming Race to win
Has taken their souls
I shout Turn Back! There is a better way!

But they reply
"We will teach you who is boss here,
Watch us cunningly win the girls,
While you slowly perish in despair
As if man no more: How clever we are!.
Watch how beneath our feet
As we crush your cast pearls and then turn to rend you.
We are the most powerful, while you are nothing
And we are enjoying winning at what we are doing,
And all your inventions will soon be ours to reap."

What kind of answer is that?
I thought they were not just sane
But also adequately great.
It is just that they like playing their game,
Instead of playing mine with me even a little.

Can this poetry about Mother Earth's Carousel Hula Hoop
Finally get them to hear a strange message? From a crazy man.
Instead of my usual saying, like:

Cargo spacecraft would be lifted
to and from GEO

by inductive electromagnetic drag
along a structure encircling the Earth,
whose weight is supported by internal stored energy,
of armature segments sliding along maglev tracks
at far above orbital transfer trajectory velocity,
From Earth terminals such as in an east-west tunnel
in the Ecuadorean Andes mountains on the equator.
Yet the overall complexity of such a transportation structure,
would be of complexity level similar to
the common CD drive in one's computer,
No wait needed for super strong tethers;
This is ready for development now,
Here is a great project that people could do.

To be used for building the solar satellite electric power plants in GEO,
Enough to power the world
Thus the CO2 greenhouse gas could dwindle back to normal levels.
And to build simple mass spectrometer type total recycling plants in GEO
Solar energy to convert entropied toxic industrial wastes cheaply lifted up to there
To be changed back to the purest of raw materials for re-use.
Lift spacecraft electrically to GEO, spaceports there
To return to the Moon in grand style
And Mars' adventures suddenly could become huge expeditions.

One might ask then: "If it's so great why aren't we doing it,
Looks like it would make money hand over fist."
Part of the answer is, well, just because we're not doing it.
It is very hard to do something different.
And this project has lots of new somethings in it.

And too, the Big Game Players,
Might treat me as if I were trying to crash their huge games.
They see me as if someone who steps out of line
Tries to go around the immediate boss, in desperation:
Bosses have clever sharp claws to shred those kind.

Jim Cline 2004 09 04-08


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