The hypnotic race to Win

What is it about Man
That causes the intense focus
Of the mad race to win, down the narrow path
To lose sight of the wonders
Of the vastly broader terrain
Which their compulsive race frolics past?

Perhaps it is the ingrained lesson of the spermatozoa
Who know that in the race to the egg,
First one there wins all.

Yet the rhythms of Mother Nature,
Like those of earthly woman,
Decide the future of that race,
Can it be won now, or not till later.

Take detours in the race
Explore the vast wonders to the side
Just like with woman,
Caress her wondrously and long
Make love with Mother Earth
Enjoy her incredible qualities,
Like that of more familiar close woman,
Some are plain,
some are utterly sublime,
All can be delightful
by day and by night.

Yet how powerful the cast spell!
That enchants man with mere winning.

James E D Cline 20040902


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