Another burble on Global Warming

Bernie Sanders post "The Hoax" article says it well. It ends with "Global warming is real. It is not a hoax. It is a planetary crisis but one that we have the knowledge and technology to address."

The coal and oil barons do not want anything but business-as-usual, buying huge amounts of the hydrocarbons that they rip out of the earth's crust, to power the energy systems our civilization has grown to depend upon. Coal and oil, and nuclear fission powerplants to a significant extent too, have performed an essential role in enabling our incredible industrialized civilization to exist. Many thanks to those folks and to the hydrocarbons the Earth supplied in the process.

Yet I see it as a temporary fix. The hydrocarbons burned in the earth's oxygen of the atmosphere, harnessed to drive generators of the electricity that powers our industries and homes, are an emergency means to enable us to get up the technological and manufacturing steam to go direct to the tremendous daily solar energy influx our planet receives. For example, if all the solar influx falling on the area of the desert town I live in, were to be stored and converted to electricity, it could power the whole city for a year - we don't have to be perfect, we have 365 days a year to capture and use enough of the solar energy.

And I feel optimistic that once that transfer of power source to that directly provided by our Sun has been adequately completed, we can also begin the slow and difficult process of removing the oxygen from the carbon dioxide, and putting it back into the air that all animated life needs on this planet with which to breathe, and putting the hydrocarbons back into the ground or building useful stuff out of it, to reverse what damage we have done to our world, as we rapidly created an energy-intensive civilization.

Going back to sourcing energy from animal and human grunts, is not a wise move, I think.

Much better to keep on high flying as we are now. But the sooner and more completely we get off the need for burning oil and coal in the air's oxygen - even the burning of methane hydrates frantically before the earth releases it into the air in a life-terminating methane belch - the sooner we can solidify our civilization's chances for long term survival. Energy availability and its uses, is what powers our knowledge-based way of life.

It is up to us. Do we learn and use our enormous abilities as a species to resolve problems; or do we fail, maybe not even try, and just let the planet Earth - that just happens to be a lot bigger than we are, in case the tough muscle bully-brained guys are listening, in case this means anything to them - will probably summarily resolve, as has so often happened in the past of our world. Humans were an interesting experiment. Next?


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