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Reference " Why Customers Are Disappearing, Why Higher Unemployment Is the Likely Result, and Why Many in Washington Don't Have Half a Brain" by Robert Reich. That author seems to make the most sense to me, consistently, regarding business and politics on the national scale.

He suggested that the congress critters set aside ideology for one minute to agree on just one thing" "... that businesses hire more workers if they have more customers, and fire workers if they have fewer customers...."

Somehow I find it unlikely that the congress folks have only half a brain or less. Could be that the Man With the Golden Needle has done a quick left-frontal lobotomy on all of them by now, but I would rather hope not.

As far as I know, the Democrats understand that relationship between companies, their workers, and customers, no problem in agreeing about that. But there is intense partisanship going on in Congress so far this millennium. And currently it is so intense that the right side of the isle folks are apparently in a "united we stand and otherwise we fall" mode, and external faceless entities are doing the puppet strings on those right-islers, as demonstrated by their incessant inability to make their own decisions. It is like they are true "Representatives" and are of various elected areas of the population, but based on their actions as Congresspeople, it is not at all clear who they actually are representing. Does not seem likely they are representing but at most a wealthy few of those who voted for them, otherwise they would be helping to get government to get the economy going again like in the Great Depression. Otherwise, it is carve up America into a bunch of feudalistic kingdoms, only cooperating in government to provide for the common defense. And everything is privatized, lots of new owner-managers in the saddle having the good life by now owning the national transportation highway system etc.

But no, they have the Congress seats and they are able, if all are mindlessly united, to continue to put the brakes on the economy on and on. They have had a huge number of opportunities big and small to agree to economy boosting measures, but like huey-dewey-louie they just say no-no-no.

Why is that? The Republicans in the more distant past have done a great job of governing America, considering the circumstances at the time. Something else is going on nowadays. Only for a moment do I consider it is all a fallout from the "Y2K" scare that opened this millennium.

Could it be mass hypnotism of the right wingers, using their habit of using big letters in varying bright colors making angry accusations? Enough intense pounding in the background of certain radio announcers on the radio ranting about the wrongs of the Democrats, is bound to influence decisions especially when not personally knowing the true facts, which few people have access to. Yet, why bother doing that, are those ranting radio announcers sitting on a painful thumbtack on their chair (I personally often knew that feeling from school days being bullied) or some other major suffering they cannot deal with, so they rage on the air about what they are told to rage about? Of course, the listeners can turn their radios off, but they don't. It is like a mass hypnotized mind-lock. But why bother doing that?

A thought keep creeping back into my mind, that the right-wingers are terrified that if they are not "boss" then they are at risk of getting called out for things like war crimes, mass murder of tens of thousands of people in other countries by use of bunker busters from no less than the American military ... who were only following orders. That kind of viewpoint has appeared on the net at times, but only briefly... but enough to maybe have the right-wingers truly terrified of formally being accused and impartially judged, scary thought to change from being heroes of the nation to being gross villains. No one would like that; is understandable. But most people are not into the blame mode so intensely, and understand that those huge mistakes were often made by people who were misinformed and hurried into decisions with little to go on, and lots of pressure to go to war, by faceless nameless influencers. A very messy past, that seems from here looking back. But, not all people can have that attitude; by nature those are blamers .. of others usually, of course. Their fury and righteous justice mindset of what to do to those who are blamed, could get really scary when the fury of the blame looks like it could backfire and be pointed square back at themselves. The only safe place is to be boss. Boss of the only superpower in the world. Thus nothing would count except to get back in the boss's saddle again, then they will have no one to fear, able to pull all kinds of strings, potential witnesses and accusers suddenly are accidentally struck down one after another; safety happens and the boss and company will be back into the good life again, in control of everything, life is good.

But there is this small problem of the Democrats happen to be in the saddle right now. Got to get them to fall off that horse. Trip up everything; eventually enough people will be hurting they will in desperation and vote the bunch who pose as GOP nowadays back to be boss.

Aargh. What a dismal thought train the above is. What has become of America? I noticed an item today online quoting one of the right-wing radio ranters about bemoaning what has happened to "his " country. I noticed he did not say "our" country; he was quoted as saying it was "his" country, as if his alone.

Well, I make lots of mistakes, especially when people are involved; goes with the innate gullibility of Aspergers re other people.

But it still seems to me that America is an "our" thing, not a "mine alone" thing. I see two first effects of changing "our" to "mine alone:" the first is that only my viewpoint and decisions have any validity, which makes it easy to make proclamations about reality; the second one is wow what a huge responsibility to have square on ones shoulders alone, yikes.

Now if a bunch of people simultaneously sing "My country tis of Thee..." we each have claimed ownership of the country - in that song we have little time to consider that our neighbor also singing has just now claimed to own that which I have claimed to own: big trouble ahead in River City ... then we are rescued by "... tis of Thee..." and a greater authority is proclaimed the owner. Whew. Spared the necessity of getting into a fight with all those other people who just said they owned what I own instead of me owning it all.

Now, this is an overly simplistic example, of course. Yet to the subconscious mind, this point of view might indeed be stirring up some reactions about things in the future. Like the ranting radio announcer declaring that America is "his" as if alone, and especially is not belonging to those horrid Democrats who are trying to rob the rich to feed the slackers.

Does all that wandering trail-sniffing and even my own ranting at times, succeed in defending the completeness of the brains of the congress critters who have our fates in their hands? Doesn't matter; they will never know of my words on this blog; no one leaves comments and thus no one reads what I write.

Actually, I prefer it that way. I still remember the grief caused to me when I got "flamed" repeatedly about my writings back in the late 1980's and early 1990's, about my Centristation space station concept, and my hoop-shaped way of building an internally centrifugally-supported space elevator out of ordinary strength materials instead of waiting for adequate tether materials to be created far in the future to build a tether type space elevator to develop solar power satellites enough to power the world cleanly. No one chimed in and said hey lets look at this and see its potentials; it was just "flaming" and filibustering. Nowadays, it is less stressful, just being ignored.

Still, I wonder about the article's claim that Congresspeople had only half a brain or maybe less. I think it more likely that they are simply misguided. Well, maybe also a bit brain-burned by cell phones and beamed-RF sedation devices, who knows. People-stuff is complicated.


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