We don't seem to be able to fix our mistakes

It has been over a month since I have posted here, so maybe this post is mostly to indicate that I am still alive and able to post here.

My recent experience has been, of course, as usual for me seen through the eyes and body of an Asperger's man: naive, brilliantly insightful, off-the-wall solutions being suggested, an irritant in the eyes of many of the powers that be. Nothing new there.

At this point, my outlook seems dismal. Yet a post ought to suggest constructive solutions instead of just going ouch ouch ouch.

A current article has inspired this effort at a post. That article seems to me to be an example of a humongous problem that keeps expressing here in America. I won't attempt to summarize that problem in Five Easy Words but that article seems to be an example of ... something ... that is a complex and big problem - or at least seems to me to be a big problem, but I suspect that the bottom line is that there are lots of people making big bucks and have fine jobs and want to keep things just the way they are, so as to keep on living their pompous luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the living of huge numbers of other Americans. Of course me making a statement like that, probably puts me in the crosshairs too.

As for expertise on the subject of "drugs", I have little, other than a brief training session about drugs while learning to be a crisis line listener volunteer back in the mid-1970's. Plus having known a few quite peaceable people who smoked marijuana at times in the intervening times, so it is not all theoretical experience from where I speak. Yet it is not "drug use" that is the theme of this post. It is about how not only myself, but a bunch of the lawmakers and enforcers and big corporations, that also seem to not be able to learn about reality from experience.

I uncomfortably remember the old saying that the definition of "Crazy" is not just someone who does not agree with consensus reality, but instead is someone who continues to repeat doing things that do not fix the problem, as shown by past experience, over and over again, thinking it is going to fix the problem.

The referenced article is an example of this. The making of the agriculture of hemp - which is not a drug - treated as if it were a major drug offense, is another example: we don't seem to be able to fix our mistakes. The banning of the essential nutrient L-Tryptophane supplements another example.

Most intelligent beings quickly learn to fix their mistakes or they soon perish.

Intelligent beings that are very powerful do not perish that quickly, however. Worse, they tend to make a big mess of everything around them in the processes of going down.

There is another saying "Fool me once and shame on you. Fool me twice and shame on me. Fool me a third time and shame on both of us."

I have a growing worry that we as Americans and we as the human species, are getting fooled big-time.

So what are some words for potential solutions to the problem? Nevermind that the powers that be are going to pompously declare - as usual - that they are the only ones who have anything worthwhile to say and they are in total control and are boss, end of subject.

Maybe it is to seek to learn the real problems. And not to express as accusations and ego-busting. Just figure out what is wrong, proceed with fixing the problems as we all of the people and the living planet; figure out how to placate the ones who were benefitting by the business-as-usual that was perpetuating the problems; and go from there. Maybe that is a better way to go from here than the way we are going.


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