Priests ought to have the choice to marry a woman and have children

Reference as I continue to cry in the wilderness, as the tree that falls in the wilderness and no one hears it fall - as it is said - I speak a support of Cardinal Keith O'Brien for his recommendation that Priests have the option to marry and have children. Also I stand with his rejection of the homosexuals, tragic victims of the bullies.

Not that my support matters a whit to the powers that be.

Still, I state my position: Priests ought to have the choice to marry a woman and have children. Tis not only kind love for the priests, but also for their better balance of ability to decide issues. Monosexual decisions tend to be off-balance in the long run, although some have advanced the state of mankind despite the handicap of lacking a woman's mating and partnership thriving energies. But far better the path of man plus woman, including the spiritual arbitrators that are Priests.

That the wife needs to support the Priest's clergy duties, not excessively claiming his energies thereof in performance of his duties, seems a desirable condition, although I don't know how to require that. Could be if the wife demands more of his resources that allows his Priestly duty fulfillments, that further decision-making could be necessary.

In my opinion, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, President of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland, I support his considered opinions regarding enabling Priests to marry and have children.

So spoken, in case someone might stumble upon this message some day.

In the Powell lineage, James E. D. Cline


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