Nullifying all victimless crimes and retroactively

I contemplate what would happen if a federal law were passed that nullified all victimless crimes, and do it retroactively. After all, if there were no injury to person or thing, why is it a real criminal thing? Law enforcement moneys ought to be much better spent dealing with things that cause injuries to people and property.

Now, in contemplating this thought, I realize I am treading into territory I know little about. And am dimly aware that the whole subject is like a can of worms, tangled and interconnected, including with lots of egos, reputations, and fortunes involved. And actually the only "victimless" crimes I have read about, at first thought, are the pot smokers and the prostitutes, who had hurt nobody or anything. But I have read there are millions of such people in prison right now, costing the taxpayer many millions of dollars each year, along with ruining the lives of those victimless-crime doers. Even imprisoning someone who did no harm to a victim, would seem to me to be an injustice itself; but obviously, since that is the way the system is now, there is lots more to it all, and the legal system is the high authority that created the system as-is. And powerful entities rarely take lightly someone examining them with a critical eye, ever.

But looking back, I see where I have several other times naively mistook the real motivation of major entities.

For examples, in 1972 I attempted to get NASA and JPL to give my Mooncable concept a careful look, and have me be part of that since I had created the concept of an anchored tether on the Moon extending up through the L-1 balance point and the structure supported in place by the near-equal weights on either side of L-1, and being used for very efficient lifting of resources from the moon and enabling their easy deliver to Earth orbit and surface markets, such as foamed nickel-iron steel cast in zero gee at L-1, then to be used for fireproof wood-density structures. This would use the two Saturn 5 launch vehicles already built but not used, and would initiate profitable business in space in a big way using existing materials. I had thought that NASA and JPL had the goal of opening up space resources for use fully by civilization as soon as possible. Nope; that was not NASA's charter, nor was JPL's, theirs were different purposes.

Then many years later, starting in 1989 I attempted to get the aerospace industry interested in my hoop-self-centrifugally-energy-supported structure enabling direct electrically powered access to the geostationary earth orbit, all space access transportation without rockets and potentially very energy efficient and low cost lift up to there - a couple dollars per kilogram, say - enabling the solar power satellites to be built and maintained in GEO so as to deliver all the electrical energy needed by the world civilization on into the future, electrical energy 24/7 that needed no storage facilities and produces no carbon pollution in our air. The dreams of all the space enthusiasts could be realized in my lifetime, and enable a clean earth environment to be restored, enabling the saving of lots of species from going extinct. But again, no, aerospace was only interested in space as a means to support their rocketry-based businesses, and had no other interest in space, or even of helping civilization. And the space enthusiasts were more interested in the exciting orgasmic fiery roar of huge rockets being launched, than a placid rail structure that would undramatically get the job done without star wars or such; no fun in that.

So I have lots of examples that I ought to not mess with trying to improve huge industries - and the prison system is a huge industry, along with all that contributes to it - when those huge entities like things to stay just they way they are, nice life it gives to those on top.

But back to the conjecture that seems to me to be helpful to lots of people, millions of them, all those whose lives have been ruined by imprisonment for having been accused of doing victimless crimes. I had more casually previously suggested freeing all those non-violent peaceable prisoners - who themselves somewhat seem to be the real victims of the whole thing - so as to save the government millions of dollars a year, and use the resulting abandoned prisons to be modified to be homeless shelters. OK that would enable those millions of former prisoners to be free to start to rebuild their lives, many from scratch; so given the retroactive pardoning, they would need compensation for the wrong done to them by the penal system, which would provide a monetary supply to help them get started again in life, get settled and seek jobs, which lead them to becoming supportive of the American economy again.

OK, nice on that side of the equation; but what about the other side of the equation, all those who are currently deriving jobs, group esteem, and investment income from the system as-is? That might include, um, say, the owners and investors in the prison system, its prison physical structures and human personnel like guards; the law enforcement personnel whose esteemed jobs were to stalk&assault those who had done those victimless crimes, would be out of a job, not a nice thing to happen to most anyone. The legal system itself with its books of precedent laws that somehow created those victimless activities as crimes, those folks are the big bosses of the slow crawl of changes to laws, and the suggestion that I am contemplating here would be an enormous transient in that system.

Well, I might as well post this in my blog that few if any can find; what is one more big entity added to those who already ruthlessly vilify any who might point out potentially better ways of doing things. And with enough coverage by calculated vilification, eventually physical manifestation will strike down the offender, and all will just say that's great, the vile monster won't bother us anymore... something that also could be some longstanding "secret" militants who think I had seen too much and am too smart for my own good, would even more thankfully breathe into relaxation.

And here all along I was thinking I was helping those big entities that control civilization's opportunities, silly me; most likely the only response will be for the powers that be to make sure that everybody fully realizes it is they who are boss here ... and for any others with ideas about thinking for themselves, watch and see what happens.

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