Recycled water is not new

The term "recycled water" is usually greeted with a sense of being something that is contaminated and probably capable of causing illness and toxicity if consumed.

And, a given sample may well indeed exhibit those properties. Or it might not.

Think about it. Is there any water on this planet that is not recycled water? Any water in the vast oceans that has not gone through countless ocean fish kidneys and been excreted? Any water in the most pristine mountain stream that has not gone through those ocean fish kidneys and elephant kidneys, even human and dinosaur kidneys, countless times before you see it merrily babbling away among the rocks in the stream bed?

Even water that has been just now made by burning hydrogen in oxygen, is made from oxygen and hydrogen atoms that have been through countless incarnations as water molecules at other times and places, each atom has a history of being in clouds, hurricanes, oceans, rocks and inside living organisms of vast variety.

All water you drink is recycled water.

The thing that controls a given sample of water's tendency to make one ill from pathogens or toxin content, is just that - the pathogen and toxin content.

It may also be true that a sample of water with no pathogen or toxin measurable content, yet still carry some kind of mysterious "energy" imprint to the imbiber of the water; but that is a different kind of thing to explore.

Meantime, the point here is that all water we drink and bathe in, is recycled water. The main difference is in what the water has been through most recently, that adds color to the water - or removes it.



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