American jobs and a hypothesis of scrappiness and harmony

The creation of jobs for American workers is really important, I think. Everybody needs a work income - well maybe some of the already-rich folks don't, but the rest of us do - and that also has the important result of adding to the nation's Gross Domestic Product.

President Obama has a jobs bill that he feels is a best-fit compromise way to get some of these jobs going, to maintain essential infrastructure and education that is part of what makes this nation function.

Yet there are those who are opposing this jobs bill. Vehemently opposing.

Apparently their claim is that jobs only ought to come out of the private sector.

It ought to be very plain to everyone that the private sector is not actually doing that; otherwise there would be no unemployment problem ongoing. (Notice the unemployment problem happening right now and getting worse by the day? Notice?)

This is a plain reality test about the claim that private business is willing and able to get the job done for America.

Now, it is possible that the missing jobs are being held back by the wealthy private business employers, just to cripple the present Administration so as to have their own people take their place. I think this is called "politics." The implication is that once the GOP is back in the saddle again, the private employers will release the money to create those needed jobs.

But I think business is more practical than that. If they thought they would make money by hiring the unemployed, they would be doing it. It is not being done. And would not be done even if the GOP was back in the saddle, running America like it did the first eight years of this century, if dependent on individual business bottom line increase.

I doubt that depending on voluntary private business support of America's workforce optimum utilization is going to happen. Responsibility for the whole system is rarely involved in ordinary business establishment planning. The only folks that get a job are the ones who happen to be handy for filling a job function needed by some private business. The other potential workers are not even thought of by businesses.

This all seems fairly obvious to me, and ought to be obvious to most everybody. But clearly it is not obvious, otherwise the GOP folks would have no backing and would soon be outta there.

That is not the situation as of today's news; the GOP is right in there blocking the Administration's best effort to get jobs going to both reduce the number of unemployed, and to get critically important things done needed by America as a whole, like the above-mentioned infrastructure and education items.

Not part of Obama's job stimulation plans, is the manufacturing jobs-creation system I created and have proposed for several years already. It is hardly the only way to do it, but as a relatively simple and quickly implemented technique for rapidly enabling America to get back into the everyday manufacturing mentality, it looks capable of achieving that. It would get everybody into the productivity loop, increasing practical manufacturing skills and education level, without commute expenses and energy costs, and producing a few salable items the nation needs, at lower cost than can be done by conventional manufacturing in the US. Everybody wins. Except, clearly some powerful folks don't think it is a win for them, else it would already be happening today. (In case somebody does not know what I talk about here, it is the "Internet-linked home manufacturing-education workstation system concept.") I think that America needs real manufacturing capacity development based on the technological level of the nation.

And it clearly is not currently getting created by private business; and even if the Administration comprehended and was interested in it, the politics has blocked money availability to do such things by the government.

(Worse, there have been some sleazy scammers online pretending they are doing it, giving it all a bad reputation. Deliberate?)

If America were as great and competent as we assume, such problems would not exist. We seem to be able to come together to wage war on an outsider, and achieving wonders while doing so; but we are not nearly so capable for doing our own housekeeping.

Maybe it is our portion of scrappiness nature. Gotta have those conflicts to show whose better. Right down to the individual young man graduating from high school, needing to show off so as to get more attention from the cute gals by whom he could eventually reproduce; all often part of the creation of the next generation.

Groups form since they usually can wipe out the mere individual, ganging up on him overtly or covertly. And those groups form confederacies with other groups to get greater leverage; and states become the United States. And that Union faces outward to the world, ready to scrap.

Yet at each level, the grouping needs to have internal harmonious functionality, supporting the whole. On the smaller level, this is forced by the need to take on the rival groups. Improved productivity of goods and services can be part of this internal harmony enabling things to get done. Can be, but not directly linked to success intrinsically.

And that is the problem explored here. It is not a generally recognized intrinsic mechanism for internal harmony. It can get aced out by the scrappiness social force.

And that seems to be what is happening in America right now re job creation.




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