Attempting to comprehend business ethics related to religions

Examining over my lifetime, I have formed a hypotheses, another regarding "what people do do." The back of my mind seems to always be sifting my experiences, attempting to comprehend them, including personal ones as well as those heard or read from others and news and magazines over the some seven decades I have been reading. The current insight hypothesis, attempting to form it into words at least somewhat adequately, might be stated as follows.

A group of inter-related people-phenomena involves business ethics, religious grouping, and patriarchal authority. It starts with hypothesizing about why some groups of people can rob other people of their ideas that could be used to start a business. It is thought that these folks would not do that to members of their own group. On further inspection it seems related to "religious groups" in which they would not do such ripping off of the business-potential concepts of one of their own group.

The justification for this is that the brothers of their own religious group consider all non-members as not brothers, and those outsiders are doomed to eventually be destroyed by God anyway, so why not grab away their goodies in life, if they are tricky enough to do that without getting caught. And coordination of a few brothers make it easy to pull the theft off.

The key point here is that first they chose to rob the idea-originator instead of attempt business relationship negotiation to share in it; and that they mentally justified this ethics by being told that all non-brothers are doomed anyway, so it is not really theft of the ideas for new business products.

Further analysis of this phenomenon, sees a consistent pattern involved in this human behavior, including through much of history such as in the Old Testament too. Apparently genetically-related males have a subtle linking that makes them special, and they often are of different mothers but the same father, such as in harems and sheiks, and other polygamous-founded groups. Lots of examples past and present.

As for the apparent innate hostility between these bunches of guys who have different polygamous fathers, all seems quite consistent with the ancient mammalian herd pattern, where males battle it out to get all the reproduction access by just one male or select few; the others being forced out of the safety of the herd by the dominant male which then fathers all the next generation of the herd. Human males sometimes seem to have inherited this behavior quite accurately, except they do not use horns on their head to assault each other, but have a far wider range of trickery and weaponry available. In the Old Testament the tales of some tribe leader deciding to go wipe out the males of some neighbor tribe and taking the women as slave wives, for example.

In modern America and other nations, there are various religions who are out attracting new members, though what happens is that new reproducing age females get absorbed into being single-moms or temporary marriages, and the incoming males are sternly told that to seek to attract a woman in any way is to sin and therefore be punished. This phenomenon seems strongest in the newer "fundamentalist-mentality" religious sects around the world, which are attempting to grow in numbers as fast as possible; even in ancient times this made more potential warriors to fight those of other "religions."

Also, on another aspect of those "religions," there is a spiritual aspect, each religion claiming exclusive adoption by God, who in each case is called different from the God of each of the other religions.

And in this spiritual part of the phenomenon, are not-easily-observed but-repeatable effects that science has so far avoided exploring much; but are part of the whole universe that science seeks to accurately describe.

The "religions" however, clearly deeply know of the phenomenological techniques to set themselves up for advantage, more powerful when bonded well and particularly bonded through genetic closeness.

Yet, the phenomena are not really linked to patriarchs and their broods; but are actually universal to mankind and life in general.

This hypothesis seems to be a best-fit to a wide range of observed phenomena in my lifetime. Science seeks to understand all of nature and her phenomena, including that of human beings. The root concepts of fatherhood, motherhood and progeny siblings, are spread through all kinds of life forms, even plants. The subtle resonances of genetic closeness tend to strive to maximize its own kind's success in each case, as if a separate God was their shepherd, in each case. It takes a larger view grasp to see that those gods are really aspects of one God that is subtly being one with all creation. Maybe a God that is enjoying the show. Or enjoying being in it as the players.

And so, explaining how the business ethics that encourages ripping off of non-same-religious-group members instead of doing honest negotiation to share with the non-member's creations that have business potential, it is just part of the show.

And the stresses created by this behavior are well known to eventually reflect back on those who made those decisions, until they learn about "karma" and then responsibly become a higher form of being. Per present-day human inter-relationships and similarly those of thousands of years ago too, we as a species clearly are repeating the lesson, still not generally having learned it yet.

It is not only the gathering and valid integration of knowledge, but also what is chosen to be done with that knowledge, that defines the quality of beingness. Perhaps this is useful as a parameter of wisdom.

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