Well it seems I just have to make some kind of 9/11 post

Well it seems that I just have to make some kind of 9/11 post. Lots of online news articles about recollections and asking people where they were on that day ten years ago. So what could I say that is worth saying on the subject?

I was at work in Pomona, CA, working at Orbital Sciences Sensor System Division, as an electronics technician, doing whatever I was told to do. I had no radio or direct source of info, but clearly others in the room were responding to something unusual, and I was noticing things. None of it made sense. It is an overwhelmingly complicated world to me, and it often seems to me that people do irrational abuse and hostility damage to each other when they could be instead working productively together for mutually beneficial things. But I learned long ago that those who declare themselves to be bosses, are the only ones with any say so. I needed a paycheck, and so I did my work and tried to keep a low profile to avoid the flak.

As I slowly learned over the next few days, what happened clearly was out of the comic books I had read as a youth. Classical comic book plot thing, except not in the colorful comic book pages this time. And the date done, 911, was the American call for emergency help. Clearly whoever planned the fracas was really tuned into the American way.

But it developed it was done by a bunch of Saudis. Yet next thing I heard we were invading Afghanistan. And then Iraq. So what kind of nuttiness next, I wondered. But not for me to have any say. Most likely anything I would have to say about it would be based on very incomplete info, anyway; and no one would pay attention.

And a few things happening in that time frame still seem to be pertinent yet unknown how they fit in; all could be quite erroneous in conclusion, too. So some part of the back of my mind watches and collects possibly related pieces of the puzzle, one of lots of such puzzles about life.

Stuffing those specific data points of that time era, into the upcoming anniversary date, I wonder, is there going to be a new idiotic thing happen in line with that monkeybusiness again. The news has articles seemingly with that same question, too. And I feel a general unusual level of anxiety which I have learned is actually some empath skill I have regarding people's emotions in my area, that I cannot easily separate from my own emotions - decades of experience has shown me something weird but consistent. I live with it and get on with life. But like the "Super Bowl Sunday" effect, something seems in the air and its cloud's lightening will likely strike somewhere, like that stirred up from the energy generated by millions of couch potatoes excitedly yelling on Superbowl Sunday, synchronized by events seen on screen. All strange to me. But, ignored at my risk.

All I can figure out at this point is that this is an opportune time to be prepared for emergency, like a fire drill. Check your supplies, stored drinking water, food for a few days, first aid kit, radio, flashlights and spare batteries, maybe a tent and camping supplies.

Around here folks would also have some high powered guns too, useful for quickly causing the extinction of all deer and other edible species of animals in the first day or less of a major retreat to the wilderness by the hordes of survivalists. And, some fishing equipment; there are some lakes and the Columbia River is only hundreds of miles away.

Some people might even have solar chargers for their batteries.

I tell people to have a Clark-type zapper as the best thing in their first aid kit but people just think I'm a nut and ignore me; or worse, look at me suspiciously. I do my best, even if I apparently am the world's worst advisor or salesperson. Having Aspergers one sort of gets used to that kind of thing, even it it makes no sense to me. Probably like a color blind person trying to interact with color.

Yet despite the conclusion that this is a good time to take stock of one's survival supplies, and being aware that American comic book story writers were not those subsequently chased at the waste of America's wealth, I also have the nagging memories of some real oddities in the weeks before and after that signature 9/11 event. In these past ten years I have formed several quite different hypothesis about them, including that none were related at all, and some quite related and in one rather detailed data hypothesis suggests I may have inadvertently played a part in preventing catastrophy in the LA area at the same time. Or, I was being set up to take the rap for local militants' monkeybusiness. Lots of hypothesis. All waiting for more data to see if it fits into those puzzles. Something could be up, long in the planning and not going to seem like from the real source.

Most likely 2011-09-11 will come and go with nothing much unusual happening, however, much like Y2K did.

So very much needs doing in America and the world right now; constructive activities for all our mutual benefit. How about us using our energy to act responsibly? Why? Well, life can be much better for all of us that way. Is that likely to happen? Well, there can always be a first time.

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