Productivity increase by broader utilization of worker's education and viewpoints

In the proposed jobs system, it seems the way to do things that people already know how to do. And to provide an educational system that supplies the business system with competent workers. But the workers would only have the voice of collective bargaining regarding benefits and pay. What I am realizing is that all those workers for those businesses, have a huge knowledge base and they are right there seeing reality on the job. It seems a great resource being wasted if there is only top-down communication flow from management. Management is missing out on a major resource about the actual products and services being produced by the workers on the floor. There needs to be a rewarded communication path from the intelligent worker seeing opportunities that management does not realize, ways that could improve efficiency or product quality or even variations for potentially successful new products. Management would do well to acknowledge the intelligence and viewpoints of their workers at all levels. This is not the normal way business has been done in the past, I know. Yet if we are to do better than before, we need to find ways to do it, and this seems an area worthy of exploration.

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