Article re creativity in someone else makes them feel uncomfortable

An article online now makes sense suddenly of a phenomenon I had experienced much of my life, but could not understand it. So the referenced article is one of those amazing pieces of the big puzzle, that makes a whole lot of the puzzle make sense and look fitting, at long last.

I really deeply appreciate the insight that this simple and concise article has supplied me. It explains the reactions I have gotten much of my life from the creative technological solutions I have created and provided to people, only to get rejected - not the idea which tends to get not mentioned thereafter, but me as a person. Made no sense. Now, it makes sense.

The article is already too concise to summarize more, but basically it says that people claim to want creativity, but that creativity in someone else makes them feel uncomfortable, and they are reacting to that discomfort.

And that explains much of what I have experienced from others when proposing a creative technological idea that could help solve lots of humanity's big problems, or even small ones. The exceptions were when they had been struggling a long time and were getting desperate for a solution, and my ideas set them free. Even then there was little or no thanks given me for my creative idea, although once I got on as an author of a patent, and other times I was later given special workplace status and once promoted to full engineer title, possibly because of my creative solutions that helped bail out others in a pickle.

But spontaneous, unasked-for, creative ideas that would provide great potentials and opportunities happen, invariably got a negative reaction from those I thought would be overjoyed at the openings it offered them. And that made no sense to me.

But now, I understand! What a wonderful feeling.

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