What can our workforce do

Somewhere today I read that America has a very fine workforce. So why the hassle about raising the debt ceiling, like the Republicans have done so often in the past, so that that workforce can do their thing so as to contribute to paying off the debt, along with other things, of course, like paying their own bills.

Is it that the phalanx of tea-party Republicans are just a pack of lock-step bullies, mean critters determined to show that they are boss? Determined to wreck America in their irrational greed for power? So brainwashed in their own gutter-level propaganda machine that independent evaluation based on best facts, is not even considered? (I have some obsessive-compulsive tendencies myself, so I can resonate with that. Fortunately at the moment I can keep it at arm's length.)

It seems that way at first. Fanaticism freaking out. Yet ... I wonder. It could be that they and their ultra-wealthy sponsors - and job providers for the loyal voters - believe that even given more time and money, America's workforce is not going to be able to revive the economy, as guided by the Democrats. And thus, raising the debt ceiling again, is a poor investment for the ultra-wealthy, in such eyes.

I, too, wonder about the ability of America's workforce coming to the rescue. For one thing, "workforce" implies another bunch to give them jobs to do. Ignoring for the moment, the hypothesis that this is all part of some long term plan to divvy America up into a few big corporate fifedoms - back to the Middle Ages - this still requires products and services that can be done that are worthwhile and hopefully profitable too, that supply needs of other Americans and also are good for trade to other countries.

What can our workforce do? We have lots of people with degrees in various things - but don't ask them to do something that they crammed to learn just long enough to pass a test in college. Sure, their degree shows they have a bit extra spunk to see the schooling through, and will remember some of what they had been taught, better off than those without a degree. But can an employer count on them to be top-notch workers, dealing with full competency to get the job done, that a company may prosper?

A continuing education system as part of endless on-the-job training could bring those college grads back up to snuff and keep them there, even increasing their useful skills and abilities. And the non-degreed folks, can also have their skill levels similarly increased as time goes on.

This still has a big piece missing in the picture: who is going to create the jobs for the workforce to do? Who is going to figure out what goods and services are needed, both at home and abroad, to put America's workforce into action?

America's human resources, at all levels, is one of its greatest potential resources.

That resource is not stored like money in a bank; its clock is running, used or not. Like a car with its engine running but not in gear, it is still using up its supply of fuel and putting wear on its parts; but not getting anywhere as a result.

Few corporations have the country's wellbeing as part of their bottom line.

So there has to be a greater entity to get all the pieces to work to do the whole national job. People are taught to be competitive, so how can we expect them to suddenly know how to work harmoniously as a whole nation? Or even think of doing it? It sure is not happening now.

Government seems like the ones to be looking out for the whole of the nation's productivity. Maybe a super-corporation with all other business under their command, could look at the state of the nation and direct what needs to be done re goods and services to fill all the cracks; a mega-corporation whose bottom-line is the wellbeing of all American people and the wealth of the nation as a whole.

But I have seen no indication that the privateers have that vision in mind. Not at all; quite the contrary, it has been more like a sports game against rival teams; instead of being one America; winner grabs all, and losers go begging.

Well, I have painted myself into a corner here; a "you can't get there from here" seeming situation.

If Obama and the Democrats got the debt ceiling raised, like their Republican predecessors did so often, will they be able to get American's workforce up and running again and better than before, producing needed goods and services for home and abroad? Will it turn the tide, able to make business loans to get businesses going to hire people, get it all running again?

It ought to be able to do that.

Unless there is a powerful bunch that wants to control all business opportunities, based on some selfish motives; and they sabotage it all, until collapse happens and they are ready to grab the pieces.

Well, time will tell.



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