What people do do as an economic hypothesis

Continuing with my effort to figure out "What People Do Do", I have come up with a tentative economic hypothesis: Government is powered by taxation on income and sales taxes, and that is a tax on amount of moneys exchanged for goods and services. This amount is controlled by the money in circulation.

When a huge proportion of the total money in a national system is gathered and not being spent by a very few people who are experts in money hoarding, the ever decreasing money in circulation generates less and less income to power the government. This seems to be the case in America at this time.

And the root principle enabling this is the functional principle of pricing things to "what the market can bear," that is, the most that can be charged for a good or service that people will pay for it. This means that if the items are very overpriced, that is, the value-added is far less than the price added, then money is accrued as huge profit, not needed to keep the supply chain going for that good or service.

And that over-pricing component of moneys gathered, is money not needed to keep the product or service fully in operation, yet only the money being used to create the goods or services is money in circulation; and money in circulation is where the taxes come from that power the government.

In a very busy robust economy, there can still be enough taxes to run the government; but if the money hoarded eventually becomes so much that the flow of money around the goods and services taxable loop drops below what can make the government be able to do what is needed to coordinate the nation for its people. With ever decreasing money flowing in the goods and services loop, the people of the nation have less and less they are hired to do to perform the value-added function so the nation's productivity decreases as well as the nation's people have less income to spend for what they need.

So the conclusion here is that part of what has been happening in America is the hoarding of wealth by a few experts at doing that, which has gradually strangled the money flowing in the economy, and making the government not have enough money to stimulate the flow of goods and services that corporations do not consider it their function to do for some reason or other, yet must be done to keep the country running smoothly.

And this was done by the money-hoarders using the "charge what the market will bear" principle to overcharge so as to accumulate the wealth surplus that they are hoarding, which is what is strangling the nation's government.

Money-hoarders are not necessarily more wise than other people; they are just expert in money-hoarding and the economic games by which that is done.

The money-hoarders have long been in America and generally been able to finance big projects like railroads that the country needed, with their extra hoarded money, putting the money back into circulation. But present-day massive money-hoarders don't seem to be doing that. Why, I don't know.

In fact, they have been using their hoarded money a little bit to put people in congress that function to further hamstring government and to prevent taxation on the hoarded money, needed to get government functioning again.

There is more to the overall scenario, like two unnecessary very expensive wars started that were known could not be stopped if started, nor won either; this both depleted the country's government wealth as well as transferring lots of it to the industro-military corporate system to add to hoarded wealth; and money spent on stuff that just destroys stuff - bombs and guns etc - is not goods that produce value in the economy. Some of this is needed for self-defense against world neighbors who are in rivalry for stuff of value like land area, but in Afghanistan and Iraq - wars said to be done just to dispose of two individual people but actually disposed of tens of thousands more who were not the stated targets - which makes no sense in retrospect either.

But the overall effect was to deplete the nation's wealth down to where the hoarding of wealth by the few was able to cripple government so it cannot do the programs that stimulate the flow of goods and services needed in the nation.

Perhaps the money-hoarders are planning to eventually use their hoarded wealth to take over the already established government functions, like the national transportation system and NASA function, by strangling the government so it cannot adequately provide for those systems (eg NASA air and space stuff, and the nation's highways and bridges needed for the flow of goods and services around the country) and thus the money-hoarders would have control of the nation's flow of goods and services transportation system, as well as NASA air and space development directions; yet the money-hoarders, as pointed out before, have not shown wisdom in their choices of what to do, and they would be in control of what the country's people can do, and unlike government, they cannot be voted out of the controlling positions.

Where does lead to, I wonder. It does not look like a fun and happy time for the people of America.

The money-hoarders are apparently living the ultra-lush life such as on mammoth luxury ocean cruise liners no doubt enabling them to procreate like mad. Well, history has shown there are lots of wealthy powerful people who live the plush life, yet they usually are rulers of the country, and thus involved in the health of the busy goods and services machine that is the nation with its people.

But in America's case, something is run-amok and the responsibility loop is broken. The electoral system of the nation has been tinkered with by the money-hoarders so they are not required to support the nation from which their wealth was taken; thus a weakness in our democratic system has been exposed.

A democracy works through being self correcting in the electoral feedback process selecting for that which works best for the American people, but analogous to a foreign military invader on our soil, the technique of using wealth to buy influence to prevent the electoral system from being able to govern wisely has happened.

While this technique might be useful to hamstring would-be dictators who got into upper government, in this case, it is taking down those with the best of intentions for the country; thus quite the opposite of a healthful function. Maybe it will dissuade the would-be dictators from running for the Presidency, but if the money-hoarders want a dictatorship, they will support dictator-wannabes that are controlled by the money-hoarders.

And there are the factors of technological development blocking through the use of territorial techniques, such as the "employment agreement" that blocks employees in the technology corporations from being able to utilize any of their ideas for inventions, unless of course the few employees actually hired to produce inventions and only those specified by management, which is a very tiny amount of the inventive capacity of the entire employee base.

This has been suppressing the nation's technology creative capacity for probably half a century and the effects are really hurting the nation now. This was caused by greed and power hunger of the employing corporations, to suppress potential rival technologies from happening and thus perpetuating the corporations already existing, or so they thought.

Where is the wisdom? I don't remember "wisdom" being taught in college or even high school. I suppose it was supposed to automatically happen along with knowledge accumulation.

But I think that "wisdom" is separate from knowledge, although knowledge is necessary for wisdom to be more accurate.

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