Again thinking of how to revive American manufacturing

Re "Can manufacturing fuel a U. S. Recovery?"

America is now very much part of the larger world, including economically, and items we had manufactured in the past are now oftentimes built elsewhere and bought here, as part of that worldwide interchange. And yet I find myself thinking of how to revive American manufacturing, providing a measure of self-sufficiency there, just as we need to seek more self-sufficiency in our energy supplies.

Maybe I am biased toward manufacturing, because most of my career was spent in one aspect or another of electronics manufacturing, although mostly in the engineering connections to manufacturing. We got things designed, built, sold and used.

Sometimes I believed that there could be some much better ways of doing it, particularly related to the relationship between owner-management and the working staff; but we got things done anyway, probably not the best, but something real and useful got produced as a result.

And much of those decades I existed in difficult struggles in life, often just existing day by day. And more importantly, my viewpoint is probably is of a kind that few other people see from, since my psychological type (INFP) is more to be a teacher and writer, than the hands-on builder and tester that was what people would pay me to do, so that is what I did for them.

Yet the building of things, the craftsmanship, the seeing things built by one's own hands and sometimes even by one's own creative design, is an important part of being human, I believe. And keyboards and computer screens do not provide that feedback about one's effectiveness in this material world that provides us with the stuff of life and opportunities.

So, I have been supporting the search for ways to get America back into the manufacturing mode again, and using a wider range of America than just by the giant auto manufacturing corporations and similar corporate behemoths can do. Their massive inertia is just too heavy to respond to the needs of a rapidly advancing world; as so recently indicated again by the recent "bailouts" provided to them to get them back on their feet, provided they wake up and pay attention to the needs of American transportation, instead of thinking the manufacturer controls the choices of the customers for ever bigger faster more gas-guzzling than their neighbor's vehicles, through advertising's dazzle.

This is just not the way to rescue our nation, in my opinion; there needs to be lots more reality feedback and foresight planning involved.

Anyway, I searched in my creative ways for years to find possible ways to improve life in America and in manufacturing as a focus, and what I came up with, which seemed a close match for the present time and situation of vast unemployment or underemployment and low productivity of America, with steadily degrading unused skills and education along with self-esteem, was the internet linked home manufacturing-education workstation concept.

I have written of that "internet linked home manufacturing-education workstation" concept often in this blog and wherever else I thought someone would pay attention.

It seems to have been quite ignored. As to why, of course I have puzzled a lot. It is a complicated world of people, to me. Sure, there is a lot of the bully-mind "we are boss here and you are a nobody who could not have a good idea, since we are the only great folks here" kind of stuff that seems to explain some of it. But I also realize that probably my unusual type of viewpoint - mentioned somewhat above - may mean that few people can resonate with it, or even understand what I am saying. And with that "you can't get there from here" place, it is time for me to wrap up this blog post. Eventually I will sift out something more to say, most likely; I always have done so in the past.



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