Value Added for the unemployed especially

"Value added" is an interesting concept to me. I have mentioned it in other posts, particularly disdaining sales that have raised the price without corresponding value-added to the item.

But right now am thinking that the concept might be of wider usefulness. (Note in this context, the tangle of political and corporate power plays against workers is being avoided.) There are lots of unemployed in America right now, and I consider myself one of them even though unwillingly a retiree, which thankfully provides survival money. Unemployed folks supposedly have some available time that would otherwise be consumed in a job and its commute time. This post has to do with that kind of time, especially.

The inspiration came while reading a Research & Collections newsletter I received, as a R&C volunteer for a museum. An article in it mentioned "... a workshop on the preparation of bird specimens and the “value-added” data obtained during the preparation process..."

Value-added thus can be anything done to improve the value of something. For example, you can dust off a dirty workbench to make it useful for doing something upon its now-clean surface; the dusting off added value to it.

So the idea here is to take on the viewpoint of how oneself is adding value to things by what they are doing. Anytime, anywhere. It is an attitude change. Noticing the part of what one does that adds value to anything.

Do this long enough, and maybe someone with money to hire, will notice and employ to utilize that value-adding to increase the value of his/her business. And thus the nation's GNP productivity will get notched up by that amount, yay!

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