T Rex's romping

This evening I sipped my 1 oz ethanol and watched the rest of the DVD movie "Lost World" which I had bought in the bargain bin at Walmart; the parakeets have been fascinated by watching that movie of the bird-like T Rex's romping around munching people; I told Squawk to not fall out of the cage while watching it this time and they both were on the front perch watching and did not fall off this time.

Earlier I had watched the news re the last of the Chilean miners getting rescued from the mine, welcome energy, people getting things right for a change. The kind of drama that hopefully inspires people to help people who are in desperate need.

Football/baseball/basketball/soccer etc teach teamwork to achieve by good performance as individuals and as a team, but unfortunately also integral to it all is the overwhelming motive to cause others to - LOSE - so "we" can "win:" I think that mentality may be a poison to our culture. It may help win wars, but it is an internal destructive rot when big problems involving us all need to be solved, as is the situation now. So sad this past Congress playing such inappropriate games instead of taking care of the nation; hope we all can - somehow - survive that monkeybusiness. I wonder how. It is more complex than just preventing giving the nation's helm back to the power-drunks. Far more complex, and problems long in the making. But not unsolvable, I think.

But now I'm remembering those cracks in the St Francis dam - and the pair of bankers who were hiring the dynamiters to stop the water flowing to Los Angeles, so that the banker's town might flourish again. What is my subconscious telling me?

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