Writing sci fi is definitely cathartic

It is novel writing month again, participating in the's annual event, along with 176,000 other writers this year. The decision as to what to write on, this time, has to be made as of when starting to write on Nov 1; there is no time to waste as it is hard to catch up if one does not get the 1,700 words done even one day. So I am now finding myself writing a sequel to the novel about a Lava World topic that I first wrote about last year.

I notice that my novel writing is still science fiction, but continues to get less sciencey and more fictioney as time goes on. But it is still fun to do. My page is I still don't have a title for it yet, however.

Interestingly, yesterday I cranked out several chapters in advance, first time I have done that. Was it all the public focus on the voting going on, the election results about to happen and then were happening? How could that affect my writing of a science fiction novel? Have written none on the novel today, so far, and it is noon.

This is the seventh year that I have participated in the writing activity, and I have made five of the resulting novels into books, all both as paperbacks and as ebooks. Mostly, I just give them away; but a handful of people have bought a copy, and far more would need to do that to cover the cost of the ISBNs, for one thing. But it is just a hobby for me, and one expects to spend one's own money on a hobby.

For me, writing sci fi is definitely cathartic.

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