Grumping and whining

Most people would not have the problems I have re security of my intellectual property. You have no idea what it is like to stumble on an idea that would be a total game-changer in the world of giant corporate wealthy folks, who are extreme experts at controlling things.

After I discovered back in the mid-1980s when all my files on my ground commute transportation concept had been snatched from the manila folders in my file cabinet, and related files erased on my Adam computer, with no obvious trace anyone had been in my residence while I was gone, I began to realize the extreme expertness these folks have. Later I found they had been back, since they swiped the top page of all my copies of a magazine article I had written for submission to the L-5 News, re my 1972 Mooncable Project (Lunar space elevator) concept. The title page had my name and the recipients name, of course, and that was now all gone; the folders still looked fat without only the first page gone from each. And the ripping off has continued over the years, dragging in law enforcement at times, tricking them into helping via false accusations. I would generally characterize the "operators" as being bullies and masters of deception. Kind of folks one does not want to mess with. And they have been on top of me for at least … 1984-2010 … 26 years. It has become increasingly clear to me that they are not just after my intellectual property, my concepts, but also that they are intending to ruin me personally. And I live in poverty.

I realized that all I could do with my creative technological concepts, lacking security enough to gather stuff for a patent application and thus be able to get financing, was just to either let my brainchildren die with me, or to freely give them away to the world. Which is what I have been doing, such as with my Centristation (construction of wheel-type space station using prefab modules that are also used as teh fuel tanks for their own launch into orbit) and KESTS to GEO (hoop type centrifugally supported space escalator that obsoletes the anchored tether space elevator technique) and applications concepts. At least it levels the playing field, I hope, instead of having the concepts directed by those who would steal them from me, and thus would use the concepts probably wrongfully, to the detriment of civilization, instead for the betterment of civilization as I intended when creating the concepts.

I don't see any solution to the overall problem, considering the bottomless pocket paid snoops messing with me and my life. Paranoid-making. And sometimes apparently deliberately. It must be a fun game for some kinds of people.

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