How does big business tick

In my quest to find comprehension of what makes things do what they do, the subject of "big business" seems important. Especially since big business is so influential in politics as well as on who gets a job and who does not have a job, which is a scary thing for the vast majority of Americans. I have compiled some factors that seem to me to be about "business," so here it is:

The maximizing of the dividends given to the investors is the ultimate goal, all else is subservient to that.

Must buy from the lowest cost source.

Must sell at the highest price the market will bear.

Provide the least product and service for a given price.

Buy advertising, not just to let the customer base know of the existence of your product and service, but also insofar possible convince the potential customer that he/she needs your specific product&service.

Acquire virtual business territory to prevent competition in it.

Pay the hired help the least amount they will accept, regardless whether or not that is enough for them to live comfortably, safely and in health.

Insofar as business, particularly the huge corporate conglomerates, are running the country, it is important to know the actual principles by which they function. And expect little more. "A leopard does not change its spots" it is said.

Most of my life I assumed that business existed to provide the goods and services that customers need. "The customer is always right" used to be the principle. Somewhere all that got changed. It might be wise to reconsider values. A larger viewpoint helps provide wisdom.



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